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    How to disable ThrottleEvent slowing down



      I am making original media player using OSMF 2.0.


      But, I have a problem with my media player when ThrottleEvent fired (moved to hidden tab on browser), the video's sound skips.


      I read references, and this article http://help.adobe.com/en_US/as3/mobile/WS4bebcd66a74275c36cfb8137124318eebc6-8000.html ,

      but I couldn't find how to disable the minimizing CPU usage feature on Flash Player, or simply playback video without sound skips.


      Some video player like YouTube doesn't have the same problem, I think there is a solution for this problem.


      If anyone know the answer, please let me know.



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          kTamanaha Level 1



          I increased stage framerate to 60 fps, the problem not occured anymore.


          I have set my stage framerate as 1 fps before so that the video's framerate itself doesn't matter stage framerate.


          Then, I increased the framerate to 15 fps sound better, and 30 fps almost fine, 60 fps doesn't have any problem.


          Thanks for reading,, and I hope this will help someone in the near future.