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    how to edit a time symmetry video

    HK223 Level 1



      I was recording a video yesterday (it was only me recording it from my POV) there was 8 people getting recorded.


      Its of a computer game.


      So, I will try to explain what I want to do with this video. I cant do any hollywood stuff when it comes to editing! >_<


      player 1 shoots player 2 in the head.


      10 secs later player 3 shoots player 4 in the head


      10 secs after that player 5 shoots player 6 in the head


      10 sec after that player 7 shoots player 8 in the head


      How would I edit this, so there is only about 2 or 3 seconds between each shot?


      As in, instead of waiting 10 sec between each shot, I want it it like shot 1, 2 secs later shot 2, 2 secs later shot 3 etc?


      Is there away of doing this, or would this need to get done when recording.