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    Are the "edge_includes/edge.x.x.x.min.js" files backwards compatible?


      I have a case, where I include multiple animations on the same page. The issue is, that some of the animations are built with current version of Animate 1.5 and others with older versions.


      Can I correct the includes in xxx_edgePreload.js of older animations to the current version of edge.1.5.0.min.js instead of edge.1.0.0.min.js?

      I tested this replacement with a couple of older animations and everything seems to work just fine.


      So my question is:

      Are the edge.x.x.x.min.js files backwards compatible? Is it safe to assume, that older animations will work with newer edge include files or was I just lucky with my test examples?

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          I tried using 1.5.0 javascript file with 1.0.0 animations and in some cases it will fail silently without any error msg.

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            M.G.13 Level 1

            So if 1.0.0 animations fail to animate with 1.5.0 js, that means that it is impossible to include 1.0.0 and 1.5.0 animation on the same page?

            As far as I know you can not use two edge.x.x.x.min.js files on the same page.

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              elainecc Adobe Employee

              Hi, MG13-


              It's a pretty dangerous assumption that current runtimes will support previous project files by default.  When we update a runtime, we generally change some fairly core things going on... you can, however, have both 1.0.0 and 1.5.0 animations on the same page.  All you need to do is to get the preloader for both animations loaded into the same page, and it will load in the correct runtime by default.





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                M.G.13 Level 1

                Hi, Elaine


                I have tried loading both 1.0.0 and 1.5.0 runtimes on the same page before I posted the question here. And it usually fails. I say usually, because in some rare cases it kind of works, but not exactly as expected. Animations don't animate as they should or mouse events don't work as they should. Also JS console is swarming with warnings (even more than usually)


                On other cases when the animations don't even start, there is some fatal error in the javascript. Different error, depending on the animations and the order I include them in the javascript. After observing the stack trace where the error happened I noticed, that in that single stack there were function calls from 1.0.0 and 1.5.0 - jumping from one version to another. And the error was always connected somehow with "window.[some_property]".


                With all the above information on the table I can only assume that there comes to name clashes and polluting of "window" instance. Given the runtimes are obfuscated, debugging is practically impossible and even out of the scope of my problem solving here I think.


                Of course I allow the possibility that I'm doing something wrong. So Elaine if you could provide me with a working example I would appreciate that and I would gladly explore it.



                Best regards.