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    AIR 3.6: adl goes fullscreen




      To debug my AIR mobile application, I am using adl.exe. I am starting adl.exe like this:

      adl.exe -screensize NexusOne application.xml bin

      This works, but with AIR 3.6, the application starts in fullscreen mode. with AIR 3.5, the application started in a window with a size according to the -sccreensize parameter.

      I understand that I can get adl to start in window mode by changing <fullscreen> to false in application.xml:


      <title>My Application</title>




      But I need <fullScreen> to be true for mobile devices.


      Why did adl.exe change its behaviour from AIR 3.5 to AIR 3.6? The AIR reference says that "Applications on the desktop ignore application settings that apply to mobile profile features. The ignored settings are: ... fullScreen ...". (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/air/build/WS2d929364fa0b81374fa5df4f129dca62884-8000.html) This obviously is no longer the case.


      So what can I do to start my application in window mode with adl, but still have fullscreen on mobile devices, without changing <fullScreen>true</fullScreen> back and forth?


      Thanks in advance!