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    Browser Page Issue

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      I created this page last week and tested the page in IE, Mozilla, Chrome and it behaved exactly as I previewed it in Dreamweaver, and on the web.

      To test I use work computers, home computers, friends computers to be certain that it is reasonable viewable.


      Here is the page: http://www.meherbabalibrary.com/Kalki/kalki_i/Hu/Agents/Cohen/cohen_fa.html


      Today at work to be certain that the page was viewable as originally setup I took another look.
      In Internet Explorer the whole page shifted full to the left margin? On the others browers the page is centered.

      What would cause this behavior over a period of days with Internet Explorer?

      I ask because I would look at the 3 pages associated with Allan over the week to be certain and suddenly today in IE that page is off center.


      Thanks for any attentions to this anomoly.

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          MurraySummers Level 8

          There are a number of problems on this page:


          1. The page is a TEMPLATE page not a child page. This is wrong and will cause you no end of trouble. It looks like what you may have done is to open the template page and save it with a *.html extension.
          2. The page is created as an XHTML page, yet it contains markup consistent with HTML 4.01, AND it contains no doctype. That's not going to work optimally.
          3. The page has no <head> content (it's all within the <body> which is very wrong!).
          4. As a result of all these errors, IE has no clue how to precisely render your page, so it is rendering in Quirks mode (as a result of the missing doctype) - a very bad result.


          There is no way that this page in its current form ever rendered properly in IE. You need to fix all these problems to get good, cross-browser rendering.