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    Computer Crashed now can't re-authorize with same user ID


      My computer had ADE installed then crashed and I had to redownload but it won't let me add my adobe ID because it is saying I need to use a user ID not previously used. My Nook is also registered to the old ID, so I need to make them match or it won't allow me to share files between the computer and Nook. What should I do?

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          Do you have old DRM books on the Nook that you still want to be able to read?


          If you do want to keep your old books, I'm not sure.  I think ADE invents new messages dynamically to make sure that Adobe DRM is as awkward for users as they can possibly make it.  I haven't had any problems using the same userid on more than one computer; I'm not quite sure what the message means exactly.

          1. One thing to try is to deregister any user for ADE on the computer (ctrl-shift-D), restart ADE, and try to register again.  ADE may have half-remembered details from pre-crash times.
          2. Another thing to try is to use an older version of ADE, v1.7.2 (see bottom of note).  It has fewer bugs than ADE2.0, and is less stroppy generally.


          If NOT, then you can

          1. get yourself a new Adobe Id
          2. register ADE on the computer with it
          3. plugin the Nook and deregister the old id (ctrl-alt-E to ADE)
          4. restart ADE (maybe not needed)
          5. reregister the Nook: it will now be registered with your new id.

          BUT, that will mean you can no longer read your old DRM books on the Nook.


          Version 1.7.2, it is a little difficult to find, available on Adobe site for Windows and for Mac.


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