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    Trouble with Color Finesse


      Hello - sorry if this is an old question, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere that will help me resolve my issue.


      I am using the AE/Premiere dynamic link for the first time on a project. I imported in to AE with no problem, color corrected my footage using Color Finesse as normal...and then my trouble began. I linked the file back to Premiere to make a small change to my timeline, but Premiere wouldn't recognize Color Finesse. I thought that was odd, and here is when I stepped in it. I went to the SA website to download the latest version of Color Finesse, thinking that would solve the problem.


      I installed CF 3.0.8 and now it unfortunately doesn't work in either program. In AE it pulls up and recognizes my color edits, but it is in preview mode with a pink grid.


      I was all set to export the final cut on my video last night, so needless to say I am pretty frustrated having tried everything I could think of to either restore the original version (and just finish my edit in AE) or to find a serial code for the new version so that I can use it and just complete this project.


      Hoping this is just something stupid that I have done and there is a simple remedy - if anyone could help, I would be forever in your debt.