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    Adding media: camera not recognized

    Gracie13 Level 1

      I'm using a Canon Vixia series (HF?) camera and adding media to Premiere Elements 11. I launch PE 11, then plug in the camera which tells me not to unplug the USB or power cord or switch modes. Sounds good so far, right? I click on Add Media and select HDV camcorder but PE 11 says it can't find the camera. The other camera options have the same result. Importing from Files and Folders seemed to work but required me to keep the camera connected to the PC the whole time I worked on the video. When I disconnected the camera, PE 11 said the media was offline. When I use Windows Explorer to copy and paste the files directly from the camera, I end up with 2 files that have to be merged, which I'd like to avoid. I'm on a Windows XP Media Center Edition, Service Pack 3, with 4 GB of RAM. PE 11 was downloaded in January, 2013. I'm relatively new to this and thinking there's something I don't understand.