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    Quick render with CS4 After Effect

    kishoreda Level 1


      Footage 1080p 24fps

      Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit

      6GB Ram


      Dear friends , I mostly work on my songs, they are 5 mins long the most, after adding all effect , transitions and etc, i send it to "Render Queue" to make a movie , everytime I send it to render queue to make a movie or render it, since my system is not all that , it takes about 20 hours to finish and I could watch my music video, but I was wondering if there is a short way to render my project or song, so I can b able to see the full song , find my mistakes and correct them.

      The quality has to be decent, otherwise I won't be able to tell if the color correction I mde is good enough.

      If the final rendering takes that long, I don't mind b/c I am gonna be done with my song .

      Which will be a 720x480 quicktime HD.


      Many thanks.

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          BenjaminMarkus Level 4

          In your render queue click Best Settings to the right of Render Settings: and set the resolution to Half in the Render Settings window.  This will make it so that a 1920x1080 comp will be rendered at a resolution of 960x540 and based on my tests, the renders tend to be about 1/3 faster:


          The good thing about doing it this way is if you render to a production codec, and you like the test render you don't even have to bother re-rendering because you can just stick the clip back into After Effects and scale it to fit a comp using the NTSC DV Widescreen 23.976 Preset and render it out again:



          Or if you're just going to put your video on YouTube or Vimeo I would use the Adobe Media Encoder YouTube preset and edit it to match your needs.  Check here to find out how:


          Also, if you have access to a Mac for rendering you should check out AERenderQ, which is a super useful droplet application that allows you to render your After Effects comps in the background using the Terminal, which can greatly speed things up.

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            kishoreda Level 1

            Many thanks Ben , you are always great help.

            I am gonna try this now and see how it goes and will let you know how it went .

            Thanks for xtra effort.

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              kishoreda Level 1

              One again Ben many thanks, it worked very fine and the rendering time was only 3 to 4 hrs and the quality was just the same. You are great.