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    Calculation of jcr:score in CQ5

    Anoop_Kumar Level 1



      We are running a JCR SQL2 query to perform search over the content within pages. We have come across a clause "order by jcr:score" which I assume will be ordering the search results but I am not sure what is the ordering criteria. When i looked through the JCR specification at http://www.day.com/specs/jcr/1.0/ it suggests that "how this value is calculated is left up to the implementation" . I am not sure what implementation is referred to here - is it referring to Jackrabbit implementation?


      Has anyone used jcr:score in their applications and could help shed some light on what it means and how does the ordering work in case of a searches on cq:pagecontent nodes.


      Thank you for your time.


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      Anoop Kumar