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    AECS6 Horrid Rendering Times?


      I use the raytraced 3D Text a lot, and I always have to do overnight rendering, it can take up to 6+ hours!



      I7 740qm 1.73GHz Quad-Core

      16GB RAM

      500GB HDD

      Mobility Radeon 5850


      I'm very disappointed and I may switch over to other programs to get the 3D text done! It has been a huge pain in the ***, even in fast draft working on these ray-traced compositions is very laggy. I've gone and tweaked all my settings, I cut layers off where they don't show, and use fast draft previews always.


      I would be happy at least to get better final rendering time, but could I get some useful tips on actually improving this ridiculous performance?


      Yes, I am aware that there is Nvidia only support for actually using(guess what) the graphics card. I really think Adobe shouldn't go around claiming to be the best in the world when they can't even properly utilize the TeraFlops of power lying around in my systems. :\

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Yes, it's complete crap. Simply use a 3D program or buy plug-ins like Invigorator/ Animator Pro. Even Element 3D will do if you don't need reflections/ refractions...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Render times are much faster if you have a compatible CUDA card. Update to one of the listed card so you can use GPU for rendering and your render times will be much better.


            Doint 3D in another app or with a 3rd party plug-in will be even faster.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              See this page for resources about making After Effects work faster: http://adobe.ly/eV2zE7


              Keep in mind that 6 hours for a 3D render is not unusual. Such render times are typical in any 3D application.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Keep in mind that 6 hours for a 3D render is not unusual. Such render times are typical in any 3D application.


                Maybe in Adobe-land, where AE and PS require an entire renderfarm for some cheesy simple 3D text.... In the meantime other users will happily use 3D programs with better routines, more shading options and what have you and render their logo treatments in under half an hour on those same machines....



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                  virtush Level 1

                  I will be using plugins in the future, and looking at other methods.


                  I'm not buying a new laptop gfx card right now, and if I was it wouldn't be nvidia. That stuff is wayyy to expensive for lower performance. I'll just wait till you guys realize that AMD make graphics cards too, and they are a lot better buy.

                  I just see no excuse for you guys at Adobe. Over at Crytek, they make a living designing cutting edge graphics for real-time applications. Play some Crysis 3, their tree stump has more detail than your whole ray-traced engine and it all happens in realtime and a good framerate. Not to mention the fact that I played it in 1200p, and I'm trying to make simple 3d text in 720p! I'm aware video editing and game rendering a quite different, but it's obvious that the ray-traced engine has 0 optimization. Also have to point out that one can use MSI Afterburner in a game and basically they are rendering and encoding at the same time, not to mention through 2 different applications at the same time.


                  By the way, that page about making it go faster was more than useless as so much of it wasn't about CS6, and the parts about CS6 were basically just ads for Nvidia. That does not help me.


                  Thanks for the replies.