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    Red Media suddenly went offline - Please Help!

    Neonhigh Level 1


      I am aware that this is a reccurent problem. I remember seeing a similar post last week but for some reasons I can't find it anymore.


      Here is my situation.

      After months of endless editing of a feature film, I am about to export the final cut and send the project out for DI and VFX.

      Today I opened PPCS6 and part of my timeline is offline.

      Of course I tried to relink the media, but all I get is an error message saying "Unsupported File / File damaged".


      This was an ongoing problem at the times of CS5-5.5,when I was spending weeks trying to understand the origin of this problem. Now it appears that CS6 is having the same kind of issues with RED media (or simply with the red importer).


      Here is what happens in details:


      When I relink the original r3d files I don't always get the "unsupported file" error. Long clips with more than one segment can be relinked with a little trick.

      To give an example:

      In the case of long clips, when Premiere asks "Where is A002_C001_100742_001?" if I select the first segment of the file (001) I get the "unsupported file" error.

      Although if I select the second or third segment, like  A002_C001_100742_002 or  A002_C001_100742_003 the clip gets re-linked without problems. This makes me feel there is something wrong in the way Premiere imports RED media.

      Although the real probelm is when I have short clips, where the camera only generated on r3d file/segment. In that case I get the error of unsupported format, and the clip stays offline. I can't think of a workaround for short clips.


      I have the latest CS6.02 version.


      This is driving me crazy, and right now 1/4 of my timeline is offline.


      Please, if anyone experienced this problem and has a possible solution let me know. I need to export this project and I am currently stuck with no possible solution.