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    Phantom Burned-in Footage When Creating a New Composition

    Jay Saan

      So, this is difficult to explain, but whenever I create a new composition, I can see a leftover title from a previous project that looks like it's burned into the background, similar to how images get burned into on a plasma TV. I tried exporting a still frame, but the frame just ended up being a blank white screen which I guess makes sense since it's technically a new comp. Also, I don't know if it's related, but when I was working on the actual project with the title in question, the title remained on the screen with the same burned-in look even though I turned the opacity all the way down. I've attached a screenshot I took using Windows instead of AE. As you can see, the opacity is set to 0, but you can still see the title in AE and also in the export file. This is also what appears when I create a new composition. I tried deleting the cache but to no avail. Perhaps a bug?