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    selection problem


      when I use xtype "selection",type "select" options use *json.jsp, but edit content cannot be displayed select content at the first time.

      second time edit content. can display this select content. 


      please ask what reason ?

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          Geoffroy Schneck

          Can you be a little more specific / clearer on  how you try to achieve this ?


          One correct way to display the result of a json request in a Select List (here I want to display the running instances) : 


          - On the widget node of xtype selection : set the 'optionsProvider' property to a function name (CQ.myapp.utils.getWFInstances)

          - Define this function like this :


          getWFInstances: function() {

                      var sampleData = [], results = CQ.Util.eval(CQ.HTTP.get('/libs/cq/workflow/content/console/instances.json')).workflows;

                      for (var i = 0, len = results.length; i < len; i++) {

                          var result = results[i];

                          sampleData.push({ value: result.model, text: result.model });


                      return sampleData;



          Resource hit by the request is /libs/cq/workflow/components/console/instances/json.jsp .


          It runs fine for me. Does this help for your use case ?