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    Machine Specific loadVar Problem

      We have a piece of web-based training that is Flash based. The last page of the training uses a loadVars send method to send a variable to a coldfusion page for processing. This technique works perfectly for most users but about 1 in 500 or so gets an error on the coldfusion page because the variable we are expecting from Flash is not there. This happens on every piece of training that uses this technique on these few machines only. Is there a browser setting that would cause variables sent from flash to be blocked or not present. Can the browser even tell the difference between a flash variable and say an html form variable? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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          blainer Level 1
          Any ideas here would be appreciated.
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            Greg Dove Level 4
            I've not experienced it. Sometimes people mention difficulty with cacheing of content from LoadVars and the most routine solution is to append a random value to the end of the url...judging by the occasional request related to this in the forums it seems to be more Internet Explorer related... although that could be simply proportions of users as well.

            Beyond that I *think* send just imitates a browser request. You can use send with either the GET or POST method, so just like a form submission in a browser. What then are the differences:
            With POST requests in flash, you can add custom headers to your send requests.
            But I've also observed that flash sends its own identifying headers with POST requests (I didn't observe that with GET, but I didn't test extensively).
            With a POST request that identifies it as coming from flash then potentially a proxy server - e.g. in a large corporate - could be set up to filter out these type of flash requests, although I don't know if its done anywhere in practice.

            Not sure if that helps (or is even a potential 'real' problem)... but you did ask for *any* ideas.