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    apply colour swatch

    seb400 Level 1



      Intel iMac, CS6


      Help required please, I can't find any reference/s to a script that will change the colour of an item - in this case an image.


      I have a document containing greyscale images and would like to apply a 'mixed ink swatch' to each grayscale image to give a duo-tone effect.


      Is such a thing possible?


      MTIA, Steve

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          Harbs. Level 6

          How would you do what you want in the UI? That's usually the first question you need to ask yourself when figuring out how to script it.



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            seb400 Level 1

            Hi Harbs


            I'm afraid it's beyond my understanding scriptwise (javascript). I would want to select all grayscale images with a default fill colour of black and apply a fill colour of 'defined mix'.


            sounds possible, but beyond my grasp.


            I did search in the hope of finding something similar to adapt.



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              Harbs. Level 6

              I'm not 10% sure what you are trying to do.


              Is this something that you can do manually in the user interface?



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                seb400 Level 1

                Hi Harbs (I'm not 10% sure too!)


                all I'm trying to do is to convert multiple grayscale images in a document to duotones using an InDesign mixed ink swatch.

                I can do it manually but there are multiple images to convert.


                After further searching I did find this (which works)




                but it's way more involved than I need - I will see if I can pare it down to the specifics I need (after translating the Russian comments!).


                Which is to identify all grayscale images and colour them with a defined mixed ink swatch/pseudo duo-tone.



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                  Muppet Mark Level 5

                  Not looked at your link but a rough n dirty way would be to apply the mixed ink to all graphics… Only the grayscales will take this…?


                  #target indesign
                  function mixedInkImages() {
                            var i, count, doc, ink;
                            doc = app.activeDocument;
                            count = doc.allGraphics.length;
                            ink = doc.mixedInks.itemByName( 'elmo' ); // Your mixed ink name here
                            for  ( i = 0; i < count; i++ ) {
                                      try {
                                                doc.allGraphics[i].fillColor = ink;
                                      } catch(e) {};
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                    seb400 Level 1

                    Hi Mark


                    that's just what I was looking for, thanks