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    InDesign pdf Include profile?

    Steve J L Level 1

      Please, I hope you can help.


      If we assume my InDesign document is Fogra39.

      If we assume my images are Fogra39.

      & all of my colours are CMYK.


      When outputting a high res pdf for print if I have 'Convert to Destination' selected, what difference does it make whether I 'Don’t Include Profiles' or 'Include Destination Profile' as I am already converting all contents to my selected profile destination.

      When I test this I get a colour shift dependant on whether I 'Include' or 'Don't Include' (we have a Fogra39 set up proofer). Which colour is accurate?


      Many thanks,


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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          1. I would recommend not to use cmyk images but rgb images.

          2. Convert to destine would convert all image, also rgb and other cmyk spaces to the selected cmyk space, preserve numbers would only convert rgb images.

          3. If no profile is included the pdf shows up with the settings in Acrobat or Reader which might be different to Fogra 39. You cannot expect that everyone opening this pdf has the same color settings as you have (and you cannot expect it neither from yourself)