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    Awesome site!

    P1965 Level 1

      Just want to state that this I have found this to be an awesome site with a vast amount of knowledge and support from other members, expecially those with MVP status!   The links provided to other discussions and tutorials are terrific.

      The other questions and topics on here have also been quite interesting, as well as providing useful tips, and the response time for answers is amazing.


      http://Muvipix.com is also a great site and will be active on there as well!


      Kudos to all those participating!


      Thanks very much.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Great to hear we can help, P. That's what both these sites are all about!

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Within the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum, there is a sub-forum, Tip & Tricks, that can be worth reading. It is more an area to host articles on how to do various things in Premiere, or on video, in general. It is not really a discussion area, per se, and not everyone even looks there, but you might want to look over the various topics there, to see if there are any, well, "tips and tricks," that you will find useful.


            Glad that you found Muvipix, as it IS a great site, and Steve, plus others, work very hard to make it as useful, as is possible. One big plus with Muvipix is that it offers coverage to a lot of general video editing topics, plus also many non-Adobe programs too - far beyond what we normally cover in detail here, as this is primarily an Adobe Web site.


            Good luck, and happy editing,



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              P1965 Level 1

              Yes, became a paid member of the site to try it out and did find some very helpful and informative tutorials along with tons of other things, neat site.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As a subscriber, do not overlook the great content, that is now available to you. From additional PrE Menu Sets, you also have free music and stock video available, plus the great articles and Learning Series material. These, of course, in addition to the various informative forums.





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                  P1965 Level 1

                  Yes, began searching the content on the site and could peruse for hours at all the great stuff!   

                  Off this posted topic a bit tho,  I watched your tutorial on the Magic Extractor subsequently creating some cool images with transparent backgrounds, very neat how that works.  So, question is, my  Pre El 11 which came 30 day trial of Photoshop and wondering if the images created with it will retain their properties after the 30 days expire?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I believe that the only limitation of the PSE trial is the time, that you can use it - all Images created, or manipulated in the trial will be permanent, and also free from any watermark (unlike PrE's trial, which does place a prominent watermark on all Exported/Shared output files).


                    Now, if working in PSE, with the intent on going to Video at some point, I would Save_As either a PSD (Photoshop's native format), or PNG. Both allow for Transparency, and neither will compress the Image, degrading it. JPEG does NOT allow for Transparency, and will compress the file, loosing some quality (the amount of quality loss will be directly proportional to the chosen amount of compression). I like working with the best files possible, whether Still Images, or Video, and will gladly live with larger files for my purposes. Others do not really see the quality degrade, and want smaller files in general. That is their choice, totally disregarding the lack of support for Transparency in the JPEG format.


                    Good luck,



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                      P1965 Level 1

                      Thanks Bill, Yes, I did save as a PNG (I think) and did use it in my elements 11 video with good results for the most part, but one image the transparent is great but the image flickers as it crossed the screen - will have to dble check the file.