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    Wrong answers on a test


      Is there any way Forms Central can let us know which answers were marked wrong on a test that we created?  For instance for a test of 10 questions, someone answered 2 wrong - we want to know they got 2 wrong AND which questions they were without us having to grade each individual test ourselves.

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          This is not something we currently support but you can add or vote on feature ideas:
          If you need to add a new idea click "Create an idea" under "Actions" in the top right.




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            Marco Qualizza Adobe Employee

            Hello Lglase,


            Although Josh is perfectly correct, and this is not currently directly supported, it should be possible to simulate this.  This would be easiest if all of the questions are multiple choice or numeric (things get rather tricky if judgment calls are involved).


            Assume you have 3 questions.  Your table will probably have 4 columns: (A) Time Submitted, (B) Question 1, (C) Question 2, (D) Question 3.  The simplest approach would probably be to add 3 more columns (1 per question):

            E with an formula like: = B = "correct_answer_for_question_1"

            F with an formula like: = C = "correct_answer_for_question_2"

            G with an formula like: = D = "correct_answer_for_question_3"


            With this, your columns E, F and G will contain checkboxes representing whether they got the respective question correct (if they got question 1 correct, column E will have a checkmark).


            If you wanted automatic scoring, you could add a new column, H, with and expression like: = sum(E:G) / 3

            If you format H as percentage, you'll then have the submitter's mark for the test.


            I'm sorry if this description sounds rather sketchy or abstract -- if you can provide me with more specific details of your test, I can give you specific formulae, etc.