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    Need Help With Array Total Calculation




      Posted a code a few days ago about getting an array working with comboboxes.  Well, I have all that working now but the issue I am having now is that I need the values need to be totaled in a single text box depending if the field is selected using the combobox.  The following is my working code:


      (function () {

          var Invoice = {};

      Invoice["Work Hour_1"] = event.value = this.getField("WorkCostsClaimed1").value;

      Invoice["Work Hour_2"] = event.value = this.getField("WorkCostsClaimed2").value;

      Invoice["Work Hour_3"] = event.value = this.getField("WorkCostsClaimed3").value;

      var vala = this.getField("InvoiceType1").value;

      var valb = this.getField("InvoiceType2").value;

      var valc = this.getField("InvoiceType3").value;

          if (vala in Invoice)

              event.value = Invoice[vala];

          if (valb in Invoice)

              event.value = Invoice[valb];

          if (valc in Invoice)

              event.value = Invoice[valc];



      The SummaryWorkCost1 field is the field that I need the value totals to be combined in.  The code I am trying to insert, in order to calculate the total value, is this:



      var starter = this.getField("SummaryWorkCost1");
      starter.editable = true;

      var j=0;

      var valTotal = Invoice[vala,valb,valc];
      for(j=0; j<valTotal.length;j++){


      Not sure if this is the correct code to use and if it is where/how to insert it.  Just looking for a few tips and thanks in advance!