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    AE crashes every time i adjust points on a mask.


      This is super frustrating:.


      I have a simple mask on an HD sized layer. I need to animate the mask so I go to adjust the points of the mask. Pretty much after the second or third point is moved AE will lock up. The only way out is to kill the program (no error messages).


      I thought it might be my display driver for some reason so I downgraded Nvidia to 310.90 (from 314.07).


      I tried AE with all 3rd party plugins removed and still the same behavior...


      Any thoughts are welcome.


      System Specs:


      HP z820 - e5-2670 x2, 64gb ram

      NVIDiA GTX 690 4GB

      WIN7 Pro 64

      Kona LHE plus


      AE CS6 (11.0.2)


      Thank you,

      Ryan Kelly



      it seems to be related to a particular piece of footage that I'm using: Avid DNX quicktime file/1920x1080.

      I have 90 shots from a television episode. this ONE file keeps crashing on me (all the others were exported the same way).


      if i remove telecine/pulldown, add a mask, feather the mask and then animate the mask it will crash everytime. I've tried this on 3 systems - all crashed with this piece of footage.


      I guess I'll just say the footage is corrupt and call it a day- but it seems so very strange that corrupt footage would crash the program only when a mask is applied.


      Would love to hear some theories if anyone has one.