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    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


      I am new to Java, and not a programmer by trade.  I have had success creating a bonus structure form with check boxes that add or remove a percentage of the total bonus pool.  Now I need to massage the data a bit more.  Here is the situation.

      Lets say I have three boxes involved. 1. Gross Salary (VAR GS).  2. Years of Service (Drop down box: VAR  YOS)  3. Weighted Gross Salary (VAR WGS)

      The goal is to input a valule into variable GS, then apply a multiplier based upon the Variable YOS).  For Example 5 years the multipler is 1, and for each year plus or minus 5 it is a +/-3% modification.  Then that value would be populated into variable WGS.  Can anyone assist with a quick example as to how to write this. 


      Thank you.