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    How map file works in context-sensitive help


      I'm creating a new Webhelp project using Robohelp HTML 10, and I'm confused about the different pieces of information in a map file. I'm not sure yet whether my developer will be giving me a map file or whether I will be creating it, but I want to understand the concept of mapping better before I discuss it with him.


      I created a map file using Robohelp, and the Robohelp "Edit Map IDs" dialog box shows three columns: Map ID, Map #, and Topic. I've automatically assigned map numbers to my help topics. For example, one row shows "Changing_Password" for Map ID, "2" for Map #, and "Changing Password" for Topic. I know that the application screen for this topic is changepassword.cdl. Is the map file supposed to tell the developer that this topic should be linked to changepassword.cdl, and if so, where? Or do I give the developer that information separately? Also, in the compiled WebHelp folder, that topic is named PasswordChanging.htm. Should I change the Map ID to PasswordChanging instead of Changing_Password?


      Thanks for any help!