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    Migration from UNIX to Windows

    JennHysuick Level 1

      I'm migrating an application that was running on a CF server installed on UNIX to CF installed on Windows.  The applicaiton has a .htaccess file, which all it's doing is limiting access to the admin directory:


      AuthType Kerberos

      AuthName "Kerberos Login"

      <Limit GET POST>

      require user user1



      Problem is that now the .htaccess file doesn't work.  I've googled and seen sites on editing the web.config:



                <all users="user1,user2" />

                <deny users="?"/>




      The problem is that I cannot find a web.config file on my server to edit.  Does anyone have any advice on how to limit access to just the admin sub-folder of an application, similar to how an .htaccess file would, without using the web.config?