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    Upgarding from X5 to 7


      I'm planning to upgrade from RoboHelp X5 to version 7, but would first like to ask your opinion on possible problems I might encounter. Can I work on a project with X5 until I receive version 7, then upgrade the software to version 7, simply open the same project (.xpj file) in version 7 and continue working on it? Or do you think that this could cause some problems? Would you recommend waiting until I actually receive version 7 and avoid working on a project with two different software versions?

      Thank you for any help!

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Sari.
          You can continue working on a project in RHX5 up to the first time you open the project in RH7. Once you open a project in RH7 you can not go back to RHX5. Therefore I would not recommend anyone upgrading their live projects until they are as near as 100% sure as they can that they can do so without problems. If I was you I'd download the trial, take a copy of your projects and thoroughly test them. Look here under the RoboHelp > RoboHelp 7 menu item for further details of what to test.