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    Shape Tween Trouble




      (using Mac OS snow leopard)


      I'm animating a character in Flash CS6:  the character is composed of graphic symbols that make up the various body parts and have a dark colored Stroke that outlines each symbol.  Some the symbols used for the limbs however have outlines where a section of the Stroke is colored to resemble the Fill color: in order to make the symbols appear connected smoothly (such as the arm symbol's Stroke is colored to resemble the torso's Fill color in the section where the arm would be anatomically be connected at the sholder).   Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 18.25.31.png


      Problem is when I shape tween inside the graphic symbol; the outline changes color in between each set of keyframes.

      Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 18.36.12.jpg


      Is there any way I can get these symbols to shape tween and still maintain the outline the way its designed when on a keyframe?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated !