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    Flash App and MySpace and getUrl

      Hello everyone,

      I searched diligently through the forums but never found an answer for this exact problem. I have a flash application that uses getUrl, among other methods, to open a web page on my servers. This works perfectly if the flash application is running from my servers. However, when I embed this application in myspace the links do not open.

      I use two methods for the links, the first is a getUrl call from a button press shown below:
      container_ref.onPress = function() {
      var planz_url:String;
      planz_url = " http://www.planz.com/activity/activity_details.php";
      this.getURL(planz_url + "?id=345", "_blank");

      The second method is using a straight anchor tag in a text field's htmlText property, shown below:
      _root.the_plan_details.plan_name.htmlText = "<a target=\"_blank\" href=\" http://www.planz.com/activity/activity_details.php?id=345\">" + "<b>" + _the_plan.attributes.name + "</b>" + "</a>";

      Please excuse any obvious syntax errors. I edited the code in the forum for simplicity. I have checked and rechecked the URLs being opened and they are being formed perfectly. And, like I said, they work fine as long as the flash application is embedded in a web page on my servers.

      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.