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    Conversion of Flash to the next big thing...HTML5??

    Chemistry guy Level 1

      I have a lot Flash animations and tutorials with lots of buttons for navigation, text boxes for user input, and a lot of ActionScript 3 code. You can see what I've done at http://preparatorychemistry.com/Bishop_animations.htm and  http://preparatorychemistry.com/Bishop_Tutorials.htm. I have Flash CS6.


      Every once in awhile I search the Net for information about how to convert my animations to something that will work on iPads. I did that again today, and I'm once again confused. I tried Swiffy, but many of my files are too big or have code it doesn't recognize. What are people doing for this? What's the next thing for animations like mine? Is it HTML5 for sure? Will HTML5 do what my animations and tutorials do? 


      Thanks for the help