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    Problem Importing  my own symbol  for the "Over" state


      Hi! I'm new to the forum and trying to get reacquainted  with FW I used it in the Macromedia days and it was good. Now it's simply wonderful. I have a problem though. I created a menu bar and imported( from the file menu) my own image to use in the up state. I had another button(differently colored) to use for the over state.After I converted ity to a buton symbol I clicked on the button at the bottom of the screen to import a symbol for the over state. BUT, the only buttons that appear are the button_1 through button_6. There is no other option either to browse for a file or select from document or common library.


      I know I can still import it from the file menu and do it manually but that requires a lot of adjusting to get it aligned exactly over the up button. Can anyone please help me?

      Thank you,