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    Importing a prores xml from fcp7 into premiere cs6


      I'm finally making the switch from FCP7 to CS6.  I'm trying to import an xml of a prores (1080p, 23.98, prores lt) sequence from FCP 7.  It doesn't have any effects, titles, etc in it, yet Premiere keeps giving me the file import error ("this project contained a sequence that cannot be opened.  No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type").

      I made sure that I created a sequence setting/preset that matches my prores sequence from FCP.  If I try exporting the xml from FCP as a DV or DVCPROHD sequence, it imports just fine in Premiere.  It just won't import the prores sequence (which is a bummer because all my FCP projects use ProRes). 

      I'm on a Mac Pro running Mountain Lion (10.8.2) and Premiere Pro 6.0.2.


      Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!

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          Thor Leach

          I'm having a similar problem.  Working from an old FCP SD ProRes sequence and everytime I import the XML into PP it takes it into a Quicktime DV NTSC sequence...


          Any Luck?

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            What you're seeing is probably normal.  ProRes is not part and parcel of PP like it is with FCP.  It's an afterthought at best, and often an unnecessary one given PP's strengths with native media.

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              I have a similar issue with a film I am trying to bring into PP from FCP. I will need to lift sequences from this film into a longer compile and add new sequences, and since FCP 7 is now dead in the water it makes sense to transfer my entire workflow to PP CS6. However, on import the XML file is showing fine in the timeline, but the sequence settings do not seem to have been imported properly and I am getting a 4:3 aspect frame ratio on a film that was 1440/1080, 16:9, square pixel, Pro Res HQ in FCP.


              I have tried to set up a custom sequence in PP with the same settings and also with the frame set to 1920;1080, but no matter what i do I cannot seem to get the XML file to import correctly.


              I have downloaded and installed the Pro Res codecs to Library/Quicktime but that does not seem to have worked.


              Anyone else got a a bright idea? Otherwise I will need to continue this project in FCP, which does not seem like the right thing to do any more....