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    CS6 Working Fine ... Then Unusable


      I am losing my mind.  I have tried everything with Adobe Premiere.  I have been working on a 30 second file and it keep crashing.  Here's what I've tried:


      • I thought I isolated it to a plugin, so I deleted it.  Still freezes.
      • I disabled all 3rd party plugins.  Still freezes.
      • I downloaded Premiere from the cloud so I could have a different version.  Still freezes.
      • I have redone my project with re-exported clips and new effects.  Still freezes.


      This last time it was working fine for an hour then it froze.  I reopened.  Froze again.  Reopened, was okay for about 2 hours, now I can't event open my project file.  I don't know what to do.  I'm a week behind because of this.


      Anyone have any ideas at all?