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    popView removes my list data


      In one component I make a call I have a form that accepts login, password and domain information >

      I pass that to the next component that on creationComplete makes a call to a web service that pulls an XML object and populates a list of names >

      A user clicks on a list item and onChange, I pass to a "Details" component >

      I have a popView() evetn that is triggered when someone clicks a back button.


      Problem: Instead of going back to an existing list, the List component makes a call back to the server to get the information again.


      Is there an easy way to:


      1) Enter login name and password in a post that grabs XML

      2) Populate a list with the XML

      3) On change, send people to a details page

      4) When you click a back button, just see the list that has already been populated with the XML data.