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    Why does InDesign 8.0.1 crash under 10.8.2

    cashxxdb Level 1

      InDesign is driving me nuts!  We have 200 Macs running 10.8.2 and Design Web Premium CS6.5.   I made a golden image and pushed it out to the 200 others.  When a user logs in they get a new Home Directory from the local User Template so that the prefs are fresh for each user on every login.


      To troubleshoot I have removed the Adobe prefs from the User Template and re-applied the 8.0.1 update and no luck.  InDesign files are randomly getting corrupt and students loosing their work.  After the file has been made corrupt the student goes to use it the next day and the mesage is the following:

      Cannot open "filenamehere.indd".  The file "filenamehere.indd" is damaged and cannot be recovered (Error Code: 5).


      Today I logged in trying to duplicate the issue and launched InDesign and made some lines on the page and went to save the file to the Desktop and got this error that I haven't seen yet:

      Cannot save "Untitled-1" under a new name.  The file "DBTmp7561446801480" is damaged (Error code: 2).


      The file did save correctly and Indesign crashed.  Opened InDesign up opened the file fine, made a new file and no problems.


      No other apps have problems, the user owns the Desktop and profile and permisssions look fine on the Home Directory.  Disk Utillity finds no problems.


      I'm about out of ideas?   Anyone have any?   This is a package of the Suite made with AAMEE 3.1.


      InDesign should be like a new version on every login, but seems to be having issues.  No Adobe prefs are in the Home Directory.


      I did find a problem early on when I made the image causing Indesign to crash on startup and that is because InDesign calls home to Adobe on launch and does not use the proxy settings set in System Preferences and I had to punch the address out in the firewall.  The IP is port: 443 and the plugin doing it I believe is PMWelcomeScreen.InDesignPlugin in Plug-Ins/PMPack.  That fixed the crashing early on, not sure what is going on now.


      Any ideas anyone?


      Thank you!

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          cashxx Level 1

          I have about 6 files from a student and logged in as my test account and copied the files to my local desktop, if I keep opening and closing them I eventually get an error 4 on some of them.  Students sometimes get them on first launch of trying to opening the files on login.


          Cannot open "hans2.indd".

          The file "hans2.indd" is damaged (Error code: 4).


          If I close Indesign and open it again then the app opens the files again.  I have seen where the file can't be open again though after closing Indesign.  Something is wonky somewhere with Indesign.





          No one has any clues or some issues??

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            cashxx wrote:


            Something is wonky somewhere with Indesign.

            Unfortunately it's more likley something is wonky with the local configurations and you have some sort of software conflict that is corrupting your work. If this were a bug there would be LOTS of similar reports here.

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              cashxx Level 1

              Nothing out of the ordinary....CS6 was created with AAMEE 3.1 and OS X image created.


              Users login and get fresh preferences.   I found before that Adobe Indesign was not using proxy settings set in the system so it was causing Indesign to crash like we talked about here.....I figured that out on my own pretty much.



              If you watched the video above how can the files open over and over and then all of sudden say I am corrupt. Close Indesign and open it back up and magically the files start opening again.  Looks like a code problem in Indesign just like the PMPack not using the proxy settings set in OS X.


              I have tried everything from removing preferences so the Adobe apps are fresh on launch for users, etc.  Changed permissions, files are local, re-installed 8.0.1 and no luck.   I'm finding today that if you keep opening a file over and over you get random results like in the video I posted earlier. Just don't get how the files open fine and then all of sudden like cache gets corrupt or something and the files are all of sudden damaged.  Close out of Indsign open back up and they are fine.  Something is wrong there.


              While having the error 4, I removed the users Adobe prefs and cache and still got errors.  Only way to fix it was to quit and relaunch Indesign.  Students will be using InDesign and all of sudden it crash, its the only app with any problems.  Well somewhat, we found a small issue with Dreamweaver as well, but not a stability problem like InDesign.  http://forums.adobe.com/message/5188192#5188192