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    Photoshop is slow and laggy


      Since is started using Photoshop CS6 (64-bit) Creative Cloud I've noticed that it lags and works slowly. This is most noticable when I try to move arund the document (space + click & drag) or. zoom. There is noticable lag and movement is jerky (not even close to something I would call smooth.


      I'm sunning Windows 7, 64-bit. 24 GB of RAM, i5 2500k, SSD for OS and SW and ATI 4850 with 512 MB of vRAM.


      I'm suspecting some other piece of SW is responsible for this. First I thought it might be DropBox but that's not it. I'm running short on time currently so I'm posting this here if anyone has any direct answers for me. Will try to find the solution myself though and post my findings here for anyone who faces similar problems.


      I did read through a similar thread to mine here on Adobe Forums but did not find and definitive answers to my problem.


      First thing I'll try will probably be reinstalling GPU drivers.