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    Transparent background for ViewNavigator?




      Does anyone know how you can make a sub-ViewNavigator has a transparent background?


      To clearify:


      I have a main ViewNavigator which holds the whole application and has a background graphic and the main navigation, and a sub-ViewNavigator which contains the sections of the app, such as entering data, displaying the results, etc.


      Can this sub-ViewNavigator have no background so that the background of the master ViewNavigator, I have tried using the same background on the sub-ViewNavigator but when the view changes, it scrolls the background too which looks weird, and they don't match up.


      Many Thanks in advance



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          zombee Level 1

          Looks likeI've solved it.


          Make two skins, the first with the bitmap on in the usual way, the second with a filled background with transparency set to 0.


          Like this:


          <s:Rect top="0" left="0" bottom="0" right="0">


                    <s:SolidColor color="#000000" alpha="0"/>