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    How can I import my html flash intro into Muse?

    TheAfterlifeProject Level 1

      I created a flash intro using Tumult Hype.

      I just designed a website in Adobe Muse and I'd like to insert my flash intro to be the first screen on my website. I'd also like to link it so that when i click "enter" it takes me to the home page of my site.

      How can i do this? I've read numerous articles and forums on this problem and no one seems to have the solution.


      Someone PLEASE HELP!

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          ON2 Interactive Level 1

          Use the code below... Upload your tumult file to your server as i don't think this will work locally. Insert an HTML object on your first page in Muse ( Home/Index.html ) and paste the code below in the object, change the URL in the code to point to your Tumult document. You may have to use an absolute path to other pages when you click the enter button for example http://www.yoursite.com/otherpage.html which will then take you to other pages in your muse document. Let me know if you run into issues...


          Adding iframes to your site to display other site pages with embedded HTML

          In addition to using embedded HTML to insert code you've pasted from a third-party website, you can also embed an entire web page within an iframe using the same method. For example, you can type a code snippet like this:

          <iframe title="A Title for this Content" src="http://yoururlhere.com" width="900" height="500" style="border: 0;"></iframe>


          In the code above, replace the text in the title="" and url="" with the desired external web page's title and URL. You can also customize the width and height of the iframe window to the desired values to fit your site's design.

          Optionally, you can also add an attribute that ensures the iframe will not display a scrollbar by adding this to the opening iframe tag:



          By choosing Object > Insert HTML, you can open a new HTML Code window and embed an iframe anywhere on your site and then set any URL (site address, such as www.google.com) to display a site that is live on the Internet inside it.

          You can also use an iframe to embed animation, such as the HTML5 animations created in Adobe Edge. Find the name of the HTML file created by Adobe Edge and use that file name in your iframe's URL attribute:

          <iframe src="Project-Header-r1v1.html" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no">