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    Exporting from Prem CS6 through Media Encoder CS6 gives 'media offline' frames

    Richard Measures



      I'm having problems with Prem and Media Encoder.


      If I 'queue' the output of a project and use AME, wherever there are graphics laid on top of HDV footage in a PP sequence, AME is adding a red frame that says 'media offline' in several languages. If I 'export' from PP without using AME, it renders fine.

      Everything looks good in the PP sequence, all files are present and work fine, so I deduce this is an issue between PP and AME.


      Is this a known problem? IS there a workaround?


      This system has successfully completed other projects recently. The overlaid graphics in this case are TIFFS, would that cause a difference?


      I'm a long time PP/AME user - but CS4 on PC until recently when I bought PP CS6 for Mac, running it on a maxed out iMac.

      OS and Adobe are fully up to date, and have tried a restart.