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    CF10 on w2k8 32 bit no COM-Access


      While testing CF10 before upgrading the production system I encountered following issue:

      When trying to create an COM-Object I get the exception 0x80040154 - Class not registered.


      This happens on Windows 2008 (32bit) after upgrading from CF9 to CF10.

      With CF10 on Windows 2003 R2 32bit there are no problems accessing COM, neither with CF9 on w2k8 32bit.


      The error message is not appropriate, it comes out with any class e.g. CDO.Message, and the classes are definitely registered and can be accessed e.g. from local scripting.


      I've read about problems with 64bit OS, but never about 32bit.


      Any ideas? Thanks for help

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          pkulla Level 1

          The problem seems to be related to the updates: although the updates are claimed to be cumulative, in fact they are not.


          Installed the current Version everything works fine. Installing directly the update 4 or above breaks the COM access.

          If you install the update 2 first followed by other updates, you get up to and the COM access still works.


          I hope it helps in case someone encounters the same issue.