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    Adjusting space around "textwrap' after opening PM7 file in InDesign


      Love PageMaker as it suits my basic needs, but printer needs Indesign file. In PageMaker 7, I have numerous photos with captions (67). The photo and caption have been textwrapped together. When I open the file in InDesign 4, both the caption and photo have "frames," but there is a solid red frame around both of them (what would be close to the textwrap size in PageMaker 7). This solid red frame is larger than the original textwrap frame in PM7 and therefore throwing out of line the rest of the material (non-textwrapped) in my file. I don't know how to make this solid red frame smaller. This is the only problem I have when I open my file in InDesign. Unfortunately nothing I am reading seems to point me in the right direction. I would so greatly appreciate any help. Will send box of candy!! Thanks. Elkie2