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    Premiere Pro crashing in the timeline


      Hi there,


      I'm using Premiere Pro and when playing anything in the time line it crashes.

      I get the following from the event viewer:


      Faulting application name: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4ce382d1

      Faulting module name: BMDCOD~2.DLL, version:, time stamp: 0x4d37de29

      Exception code: 0xc0000005

      Fault offset: 0x0000000000066d0d

      Faulting process id: 0x1588

      Faulting application start time: 0x01ce1f2b8370c568

      Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS5\Adobe Premiere Pro.exe

      Faulting module path: C\PROGRA~2\BLACKM~1\BLACKM~1\BMDCOD~2.DLL

      Report Id: 3882706d-8b1f-11e2-b1ab-78acc0a21a9d


      Can anyone help please?



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          My guess is you have an issue with the Blackmagic driver.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I will guess Jim is correct, but more information might help - Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/message/4200840

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              G7MAV Level 1

              Dear John,


              here is more info as requsted.

              I am using Premiere Pro CS5 version 5.0.3

              I have installed updates a few weeks ago

              I am using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with Service Pack 1

              Source footage is AVI Not sure how to find which codec using

              Error message is Premiere Pro has stopped working and will close down.

              This occurs when I play from the timeline

              Yes I worked fine until just after Christmas.

              Other software is: AVID Media Composer 5, BlackMagic Design, Broadcom Advanced Control suite 3, Interwindvd, Itunes, Office 2010, Adobe Master Collection CS5.

              Don't know how to find present codecs

              HP Z600 Workstation, 6GB ram, XEON CPU E5630 2.53GHz, NVIDIA Quatro 600, Blackmagic RS422 Serial Port


              Anything else needed?



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                And if it is not BlackMagic, then it most likely is iTunes. Nobody in his right mind would install anything Apple on a Windows PC, especially not iTunes. As a next step you can remove Office, since that does not belong on an editing PC, it belongs on a separate - non-editing - PC.

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                  Nobody in his right mind would install anything Apple on a Windows PC, especially not iTunes.

                  Nonsense.  I've had iTunes and Quicktime on my editing system for years, and the only problems were infrequent and short-lived when a version of Quicktime conflicted with Premiere Pro's custom QT importers and handlers.  New versions or updates of Quicktime and/or Premiere Pro solved those issues.  I've had more problems with CUDA and nVidia driver updates and settings over the years than I've had with Apple software on my Windows box.  And that includes Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 8.



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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >AVI Not sure how to find which codec using


                    A screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing http://forums.adobe.com/thread/592070?tstart=30


                    For PC http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en or http://www.headbands.com/gspot/

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                      Averdahl Level 4

                      What Jeff said.


                      I have used Office 2007 and now Office 2010 for years without any impact on Premíere Pro or any other Adobe app.


                      Some myths needs to go away...



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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                        I have ONE computer for everything


                        Win7 Pro 64bit... CS5 Master Collection... MS Office Pro 2007... Norton Internet Security... various utility programs (such as Imgburn)... ZERO problems


                        When I am editing video... that is ALL that I am doing, I do not have other programs loaded (aside from the usual Windows tasks)


                        I don't even turn NIS off... again... zero problems

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                          G7MAV Level 1

                          Here are my installed video codecs got using GSpot


                          1978A.M.Paredes predictor (LossLess)-
                          2VUYOptibase VideoPump 8-bit 4:2:2 Component Y'CbCr-
                          3IV0MPEG4-based codec 3ivx-
                          3IV13ivx (MPEG4-based)3ivx
                          3IV23ivx (MPEG4-based)3ivx
                          3IVD3ivx DivX Doctored3ivx
                          3IVX3ivx (MPEG4-based)3ivx
                          3VID3ivx (MPEG4-based)3ivx
                          8BPSPlanar RGB w/alphaApple
                          ____|No CodecNA
                          _BITBI_BITFIELDS (Raw RGB)* No codec needed
                          _JPGBI_JPEG JPEG compressedJoint Photo Experts Group
                          _PNGBI_PNG PNG compressedW3C/ISO/IEC (RFC-2083)
                          _RAWFull Frames (Uncompressed)N.A.
                          _RGBBI_RGB Raw Bitmap* No codec needed
                          _RL4BI_RLE4 (RLE 4bpp RGB)* No codec needed
                          _RL8BI_RLE8 (RLE 8bpp RGB)* No codec needed
                          AAS4Autodesk Animator codec (RLE)Autodesk
                          AASCAutodesk Animator codecAutodesk
                          ABYRKensington ?Kensington
                          ACTLStreambox ACT-L2-
                          ADV1Loronix WaveCodec (used in various CCTV products)-
                          ADVJAvid M-JPEG Avid Technology Also known as AVRnAvid Technology, Inc
                          AEIKIntel Indeo Video 3.2 (Vector Quantization)-
                          AEMIArray VideoONE MPEG1-I CaptureArray Microsystems
                          AFLCAutodesk Animator codecAutodesk
                          AFLIAutodesk Animator codecAutodesk
                          AHDVCineForm 10-bit Visually Perfect HD (Wavelet)-
                          AJPG22fps JPEG-based codec for digital cameras-
                          ALACApple lossless audioApple
                          ALPHNot specified.Ziracom Digital Communications Inc.
                          AMPGArray VideoONE MPEGArray Microsystems
                          AMR AMR Speech Codec3GPP.org
                          ANIMIntel RDXIntel
                          AP41AngelPotion DefinitiveAngelPotion
                          AP42AngelPotion Definitive (hack MS MP43)AngelPotion
                          ASLCAlparySoft Lossless Codec-
                          ASV1Asus VideoAsus
                          ASV2Asus Video (2)Asus
                          ASVXAsus Video 2.0Asus
                          ATM4Ahead Nero Digital MPEG-4 Codec-
                          AUR2AuraVision Aura 2: YUV 422AuraVision Corporation
                          AURAAuraVision Aura 1: YUV 411AuraVision Corporation
                          AUVXAUVX video codec.USH GmbH
                          AV1XAvid 1:1x (Quick Time)Avid Technology, Inc
                          AVC1H.264/MPEG-4 AVCITU-T/ISO/IEC
                          AVD1Avid DV (Quick Time)Avid Technology, Inc
                          AVDJIndependent JPEG Group's codec?
                          AVDNAvid DNxHD (Quick Time)Avid Technology, Inc
                          AVDVAvid DVAvid Technology, Inc
                          AVI1MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec-
                          AVI2MainConcept Motion JPEG Codec-
                          AVIDAvid Motion JPEGAvid Technology, Inc
                          AVISWrapper for AviSynth (Dummy codec)-
                          AVMPAvid IMX (Quick Time)Avid Technology, Inc
                          AVR Avid ABVB/NuVista MJPEG w/alphaAvid Technology, Inc
                          AVRNIndependent JPEG Group's codec?
                          AVUIAvid Meridien Uncompressed w/alphaAvid Technology, Inc
                          AVUPAvid 10bit Packed (Quick Time)Avid Technology, Inc
                          AYUV4:4:4 YUV format*No codec needed
                          AZPRApple QuickTimeApple
                          AZRPApple QuickTimeApple
                          BGR Raw RGB32* No codec needed
                          BHIVBeHere iVideo-
                          BINKBink VideoRAD Game Tools
                          BIT BI_BITFIELDS (Raw RGB)-
                          BITMMicrosoft H.261Microsoft
                          BLOXJan Jezabek BLOX MPEG Codec-
                          BLZ0MPEG-4Blizzard Entertainment
                          BT20Prosumer VideoConexant
                          BTCVComposite Video CodecConexant
                          BTVCConexant Composite VideoConexant
                          BW00BergWave (Wavelet)-
                          BW10Broadway MPEG Capture/CompressionData Translation
                          BXBGBOXX BGR-
                          BXRGBOXX RGB-
                          BXY2BOXX 10-bit YUV-
                          BXYVBOXX YUV-
                          CC12YUV12 CodecIntel
                          CDV5Canopus SD50/DVHD-
                          CDVCCanopus DV CodecCanopus
                          CDVHCanopus SD50/DVHD-
                          CFCCDPS PerceptionDigital Processing Systems
                          CFHDCineForm 10-bit Visually Perfect HD (Wavelet)-
                          CGDICamcorder VideoMicrosoft
                          CHAMMM_WINNOV_CAVIARA_CHAMPAGNEWinnov, Inc.
                          CJPGWebCam JPEGCreative Labs
                          CLJRCirrus Logic YUV 4:1:1Cirrus
                          CLLCCanopus LossLess-
                          CLPLFormat similar to YV12 but including a level of indirection.-
                          CM10MediaShow 1.0.CyberLink Corporation
                          CMYKCommon Data Format in PrintingColorgraph (UK)
                          COL0FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3)-
                          COL1FFmpeg DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3)-
                          CPLAYUV 4:2:0Weitek
                          CRAMMicrosoft Video 1Microsoft
                          CSCDRenderSoft CamStudio lossless Codec (LZO & GZIP compression)-
                          CT10TalkingShow 1.0.CyberLink Corporation
                          CTRXCitrix Scalable Video Codec-
                          CUVCCanopus HQ-
                          CVIDCinepak by SupermacSupermac
                          CWLTMicrosoft Color WLT DIBMicrosoft
                          CYUVCreative Labs YUVCreative Labs, Inc.
                          CYUYATI Proprietary YUV compressionATI Technologies
                          DAVCDicas MPEGable H.264/MPEG-4 AVC base profile codec-
                          DC25MainConcept ProDV Codec-
                          DCAPPinnacle DV25 Codec-
                          DCL1Data Connection Conferencing Codec-
                          DCT0WniWni Codec-
                          DFSCDebugMode FrameServer VFW Codec-
                          DIB Device Independent Bitmap* No codec needed
                          DIV1Microsoft MPEG-4 v1Microsoft
                          DIV2Microsoft MPEG-4 v2Microsoft
                          DIV3DivX 3 Low-MotionDivX
                          DIV4DivX 3 Fast-MotionDivX
                          DIV5DivX 5.x/6.xdivx.com
                          DIV6DivX ;-) (MS MPEG-4 v3)?
                          DIVXDivX 4 (OpenDivX)Project Mayo
                          DJPGBroadway 101 Motion JPEG codec.Data Translation, Inc.
                          DM4VDicas MPEGable MPEG-4-
                          DMB1Matrox MJPG for RainbowRunnerMatrox
                          DMB2Matrox MJPG for RainbowRunnerMatrox
                          DMK2ViewSonic V36 PDA Video-
                          DP02DynaPel MPEG-4-
                          DP16YUV411 with DPCM 6-bit compression.Matsushita
                          DP18YUV411 with DPCM 8-bit compression.Matsushita
                          DP26YUV422 with DPCM 6-bit compression.Matsushita
                          DP28YUV422 with DPCM 8-bit compression.Matsushita
                          DP96YVU9 with DPCM 6-bit compression.Matsushita
                          DP98YVU9 with DPCM 8-bit compression.Matsushita
                          DP9LYVU9 with DPCM 6-bit compression and thinned-out.Matsushita
                          DPS0DPS Reality Motion JPEGDPS/Leitch
                          DPSCDPS PAR Motion JPEGDPS/Leitch
                          DRMIiPod DRM ProtectedApple
                          DRWXPinnacle DV25 Codec-
                          DSVDDV Codec?
                          DTMTMedia-100 Codec-
                          DTNTMedia-100 Codec-
                          DUCKTrueMotion SDuck Corporation
                          DV10BlueFish444 (lossless RGBA, YUV 10-bit)-
                          DV25Matrox DVCPRO codecMatrox
                          DV50Matrox DVCPRO50 codecMatrox
                          DVANPinnacle miroVideo DV300 SW codecPinnacle / Avid
                          DVC DVC/DV VideoIEC 61834 and SMPTE 314M
                          DVCPDVC/DV VideoIEC 61834 and SMPTE 314M
                          DVCSMainConcept DV Codec-
                          DVE2DVE-2 Videoconferencing CodecInSoft
                          DVH1Pinnacle DVHD100-
                          DVHDDV 1125 lines at 30.00 Hz or 1250 lines at 25.00 HzIEC Standard
                          DVISVSYNC DualMoon Iris DV codec-
                          DVL Radius SoftDV 16:9 NTSCRadius / Cinepak
                          DVLPRadius SoftDV 16:9 PALRadius / Cinepak
                          DVMADarim Vision DVMPEG (dummy for MPEG compressor)Darim Vision Co., Ltd.
                          DVNMNot specified.Matsushita
                          DVORBlueFish444 (lossless RGBA, YUV 10-bit)-
                          DVPNApple QT DV (NTSC)Apple
                          DVPPApple QT DV (PAL)Apple
                          DVR1TARGA2000 Codec-
                          DVRSVSYNC DualMoon Iris DV codec-
                          DVSDDVC/DV VideoIEC 61834 and SMPTE 314M
                          DVSLDV compressed in SD (SDL)IEC Standard
                          DVX1DVX1000SP Video DecoderLucent
                          DVX2DVX2000S Video DecoderLucent
                          DVX3DVX3000S Video DecoderLucent
                          DX50DivX 5.x/6.xdivx.com
                          DXGMElectronic Arts Game Video codec-
                          DXREDivX Subtitle CodecDivX
                          DXSBDivX Subtitle CodecDivX
                          DXT1DirectX Texture Compression Format 1Microsoft
                          DXT2DirectX Texture Compression Format 2Microsoft
                          DXT3DirectX Texture Compression Format 3Microsoft
                          DXT4DirectX Texture Compression Format 4Microsoft
                          DXT5DirectX Texture Compression Format 5Microsoft
                          DXTCDirectX Texture CompressionMicrosoft
                          DXTNDirectX Compressed TextureMicrosoft
                          EKQ0related to Elsa Graphics cardshttp://www.elsa.com/
                          ELK0related to Elsa Graphics cardshttp://www.elsa.com/
                          EM2VEtymonix MPEG-2 I-framehttp://www.etymonix.com/
                          EMWCEverAd Marquee WMA codec.EverAd, Inc.
                          ENCAISMA Encrypted/Protected audio~ISOMP4
                          ENCVISMA Encrypted/Protected video~ISOMP4
                          EQK0Elsa graphics card quick codec-
                          ESCPEscapeEidos Technologies
                          ETV1eTreppid Video CodeceTreppid Technologies
                          ETV2eTreppid Video CodeceTreppid Technologies
                          ETVCeTreppid Video CodeceTreppid Technologies
                          FFDSffds Lossless VideoFFmpeg
                          FFV1ffds Lossless VideoFFmpeg
                          FFVHFFmpeg Lossless HuffYUV (open source)ffmpeg
                          FLICAutodesk FLI/FLC Animationhttp://www.autodesk.com
                          FLJPField Encoded Motion JPEGD-Vision
                          FLV1Flash Sorenson VideoSorenson Media
                          FLV4Flash VP6On2 Technologies
                          FMJPD-Vision fieldbased ISO MJPEG-
                          FMP4FFmpeg/ffdshow ISO MPEG-4FFmpeg/ffdshow (open source)
                          FPS1FRAPS Codecbeepa
                          FRLESoftLab-NSK Y16 + Alpha RLE-
                          FRWAForward Motion JPEG w/alphaSoftLab-Nsk
                          FRWDForward Motion JPEGSoftLab-Nsk
                          FRWTDarim Vision Forward Motion JPEGDarim Vision Co., Ltd.
                          FRWUDarim Vision Forward UncompressedDarim Vision Co., Ltd.
                          FSV1FFmpeg Flash Screen videoffmpeg (open source)
                          FVF1Fractal Video FrameIterated Systems, Inc.
                          FVFWff MPEG-4 based on XviD codec-
                          FXT1Not specified.3dfx Interactive, Inc.
                          G2M2GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar Codec v2.xCitrix Systems, Inc.
                          G2M3GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar Codec v3.xCitrix Systems, Inc.
                          G726ITU-T Recommendation G.726 (1990)~ISOMP4
                          GEPJMotion JPEG CodecWhite Pine (ex Paradigm Matrix)
                          GJPGGrand Tech GT891x Codec-
                          GLCCGigaLink AV Capture codec-
                          GLZWMotion LZWgabest@freemail.hu
                          GPEGMotion JPEGgabest@freemail.hu
                          GPJMPinnacle ReelTime MJPEG Codec-
                          GREYApparently a duplicate of Y800-
                          GWLTMicrosoft Greyscale WLT DIBMicrosoft
                          GXVESoftMedia ViVD V2SoftMedia
                          H264H.264/MPEG-4 AVCITU-T/ISO/IEC
                          H265Intel ITU H.265-
                          H266Intel ITU H.266-
                          H267Intel ITU H.267-
                          H268Intel ITU H.268-
                          H269Intel ITU H.263 for POTS-based videoconferencing-
                          HD10BlueFish444 (lossless RGBA, YUV 10-bit)-
                          HDX4HDX4 MPEG-4 CodecJOMIGO GmbH.
                          HFYUHuffyuv Lossless CodecOpen Source
                          HM12Hauppauge PVR 250/350 MB-YUV FormatHauppauge
                          HMCRRendition Motion Compensation FormatRendition
                          HMRRRendition Motion Compensation FormatRendition
                          I420RAW I420*No Decoder Needed
                          IAN Intel RDX.Intel Corporation
                          ICLBCellB Videoconferencing CodecInSoft
                          IDM0IDM Motion Wavelets 2.0-
                          IF09Indeo YVU9 (YVU9 with additional delta-frame info after the U plane)*No codec needed
                          IFO9Intel intermediate YUV9.Intel Corporation
                          IGORPower DVD?
                          IJPGIntergraph JPEGIntergraph
                          ILVCLayered VideoIntel
                          IMACIntel hardware motion compensation.Intel Corporation
                          IMC1As YV12, except the U and V planes have same stride as the Y plane-
                          IMC2Similar to IMC1, w/ U and V lines interleaved at half stride boundaries-
                          IMC3As IMC1, except that U and V are swapped-
                          IMC4As IMC2, except that U and V are swapped-
                          IMG Apple RGBApple
                          IMJGAccom SphereOUS MJPEG with Alpha-channel-
                          IPDVGiga AVI DV CodecI-O Data Device, Inc.
                          IPJ2Image Power JPEG2000-
                          IR21Indeo 2.1Ligos / Indeo / Intel
                          IRAWIntel YUV UncompressedIntel
                          ISMEIntel's next-generation video codec.Intel Corporation
                          IUYVInterlaced version of UYVYhttp://www.leadtools.com/
                          IV30Indeo 3.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV31Indeo 3.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV32Indeo 3.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV33Indeo 3.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV34Indeo 3.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV35Indeo 3.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV36Indeo 3.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV37Indeo 3.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV38Indeo 3.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV39Indeo 3.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV40Indeo 4.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV41Indeo 4.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV42Indeo 4.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV43Indeo 4.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV44Indeo 4.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV45Indeo 4.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV46Indeo 4.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV47Indeo 4.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV48Indeo 4.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV49Indeo 4.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IV50Indeo 5.xLigos / Indeo / Intel
                          IY41Interlaced version of Y41PLEAD Multimedia
                          IYU112 bit format used in mode 2 of the IEEE 1394 1.04 specIEEE standard
                          IYU224 bit format used in mode 2 of the IEEE 1394 1.04 specIEEE standard
                          IYUVPlanar YUV format (8-bpp Y plane, 8-bpp U and V planes)*No codec needed
                          JBYRKensington CodecKensington
                          JFIFJPEG File Interchange Format-
                          JPEGStill Image JPEG DIBMicrosoft
                          JPG JPEG compressed-
                          JPGLPegasus Lossless Motion JPEGhttp://www.jpg.com/
                          KMVCKarl Morton's Video Codec (presumably)Team17 Software
                          KPCDKodak Photo CDKodak
                          L261LEAD H.261LEAD Multimedia
                          L263LEAD H.263LEAD Multimedia
                          L264LEAD H.264LEAD Multimedia
                          LAGSLagarith LosslessBen Greenwood
                          LBYRCreative WebCamCreative Labs, Inc.
                          LCMWLEAD Motion CMW CodecLEAD Multimedia
                          LCW2LEAD MCMW 9Motion WaveletLEAD Multimedia
                          LEADLEAD Video CodecLEAD Multimedia
                          LGRYLEAD Grayscale ImageLEAD Multimedia
                          LIA1LiafailLiafail, Inc.
                          LJ2KLEADTools JPEG2000LEAD Multimedia
                          LJPGLEAD MJPEG CodecLEAD Multimedia
                          LMP2LEADTools MPEG2LEAD Multimedia
                          LMRTLiquid Motion Runtime ControlMicrosoft
                          LOCOLOCO Lossless Codec-
                          LSCRLEAD Screen Capture-
                          LSV0Reserved.Infinop Inc.
                          LSVCLightning Strike Video CodecESPRE Solutions
                          LSVMLightning Strike Video CodecESPRE Solutions
                          LSVWLightning Strike multi-bitrateInfinop Inc.
                          LSVXLightning Strike Video CodecESPRE Solutions
                          LX63LEAD H263 CodecLEAD Multimedia
                          LZO1LZO (oberhumer lossless)oberhumer.com
                          M101Uncompressed field-based YUY2.Matrox Electronic Systems, Ltd.
                          M4CCESS MPEG4 Divio codec-
                          M4S2Compliant MPEG-4 v2 Simple ProfileMicrosoft
                          MC12Motion Compensation FormatATI Technologies
                          MC24MainConcept Motion JPEG-
                          MCAMMotion Compensation FormatATI Technologies
                          MCZMTheory MicroCosm Lossless 64bit RGB w/alpha-
                          MDVDAlex MicroDVD Video (hacked MS MPEG-4)http://www.tiasoft.de/
                          MDVFPinnacle DV/DV50/DVHD100-
                          MHFYA.M.Paredes mhuffyYUV (LossLess)-
                          MJ2CMorgan Multimedia JPEG 2000http://www.morgan-multimedia.com/
                          MJP2Motion JPEG 2000ISO
                          MJPAMorgan Motion JPEG Codechttp://www.morgan-multimedia.com
                          MJPBMorgan Motion JPEG Codechttp://www.morgan-multimedia.com
                          MJPGMotion JPEG-
                          MJPXPegasus PICVideo Motion JPEG-
                          ML20Mimic MSN Messenger WebcamLogitech/Microsoft
                          MMESMatrox MPEG-2 I-frameMatrox
                          MMIFMatrox MPEG-2 elementary I-frame-only video stream.Matrox Electronic Systems, Ltd.
                          MNVDMindBend MindVid LossLess-
                          MP2AMedia Excel MPEG-2 Audio-
                          MP2TMedia Excel MPEG-2 Transport Stream-
                          MP2VS-Mpeg 4 version 1Microsoft
                          MP41Microsoft MPEG-4 V1 (enhanced H263)Microsoft
                          MP42S-Mpeg 4 version 2Microsoft
                          MP43S-Mpeg 4 version 3Microsoft
                          MP4AMPEG-4 Audio~ISOMP4
                          MP4SISO MPEG-4 Video V1Microsoft
                          MP4TMedia Excel MPEG-4 Transport Stream-
                          MP4VMPEG-4 Video~ISOMP4
                          MPEGMPEG-1Chromatic Research
                          MPG1FFmpeg MPEG 1/2?
                          MPG2FFmpeg MPEG 1/2?
                          MPG3MS MPEG-4 v3Microsoft
                          MPG4MS MPEG-4 v1Microsoft
                          MPGIMPEGSigma Designs
                          MPNGPNG images decoder?
                          MRCAMrcodecFAST Multimedia
                          MRLERun Length EncodingMicrosoft
                          MSS1Windows Media 7 Screen VideoMicrosoft
                          MSS2Windows Media 9 Screen VideoMicrosoft
                          MSUCMSU LossLess-
                          MSUDMSU LossLess-
                          MSV1Microsoft video codec V1.Microsoft
                          MSVCVideo 1Microsoft
                          MSZHavimszh (lossless, ZLIB)S&K LCL (Lossless Codec Library)
                          MTGAMotion TGA images (24, 32 bpp)-
                          MTX1Matrox, possibly a texture formatMatrox
                          MTX2Matrox, possibly a texture formatMatrox
                          MTX3Matrox, possibly a texture formatMatrox
                          MTX4Matrox, possibly a texture formatMatrox
                          MTX5Matrox, possibly a texture formatMatrox
                          MTX6Matrox, possibly a texture formatMatrox
                          MTX7Matrox, possibly a texture formatMatrox
                          MTX8Matrox, possibly a texture formatMatrox
                          MTX9Matrox, possibly a texture formatMatrox
                          MV10Nokia MVC video codec.Nokia Mobile Phones
                          MV11Nokia MVC video codec.Nokia Mobile Phones
                          MV12Motion Pixels Codec (old)Motion Pixels
                          MV99Nokia MVC video codec.Nokia Mobile Phones
                          MVC1Nokia MVC video codec.Nokia Mobile Phones
                          MVC2Nokia MVC video codec.Nokia Mobile Phones
                          MVC9Nokia MVC video codec.Nokia Mobile Phones
                          MVI1Motion Pixels MVI-
                          MVI2Motion Pixels MVI-
                          MWV1Aware Motion WaveletsAware Inc.
                          MYUVMedia-100 844/X Uncompressed-
                          NAVISMR Codec (hack of Microsoft Mpeg-4)IRC #shadowrealm
                          NDIGAhead Nero Digital MPEG-4 Codec-
                          NHVUNVidia Texture Format (GEForce 3)-
                          NO16Theory None16 64bit uncompressed RAW-
                          NT00NewTek LightWave HDTV YUV with Alpha-channelhttp://www.newtek.com/
                          NTN1Video Compression 1Nogatech
                          NTN2Nogatech Video Compression 2 (GrabBee hardware coder)-
                          NUV1NuppelVideo (RTjpeg2.0)#NAME?
                          NV118-bit 4:1:1 YUV*No Decoder Needed
                          NV128-bit Y plane 2x2 subsampling*No Decoder Needed
                          NV21As NV12 with U and V reversed*No Decoder Needed
                          NVDSnVidia Texture Format-
                          NVHSNVidia Texture Format (GEForce 3)-
                          NVHUNot specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          NVS0Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVS1Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVS2Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVS3Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVS4Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVS5Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVS6Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          NVS7Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          NVS8Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          NVS9Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          NVT0Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVT1Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVT2Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVT3Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVT4Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVT5Nvidia, probably a texture formatNVIDIA Corporation
                          NVT6Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          NVT7Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          NVT8Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          NVT9Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          NY12Nogatech YUV 12 format.Nogatech Ltd.
                          NYUVNogatech YUV 422 format.Nogatech Ltd.
                          OSILLEAD ISO DeMuxerLEAD Multimedia
                          PCL2Pinnacle RL video codec.Pinnacle / Avid
                          PCLEStudio 400 video codec.Pinnacle / Avid
                          PDVCDVC codecI-O Data Device, Inc.
                          PGVVRadius Video VisionRadius
                          PHMOPhotomotionIBM Corporation
                          PIM1MPEG-1 Realtime (Pinnacle Cards)Pinnacle / Avid
                          PIM2MPEG-2 IP (Pinnacle Cards)Pinnacle / Avid
                          PIMJPegasus Lossless JPEGPegasus Imaging
                          PIXLMiroXL, Pinnacle PCTVPinnacle / Avid
                          PNG Apple PNGApple
                          PNG1Corecodec.org CorePNG Codec-
                          PVEZPowerEZHorizons Technology
                          PVMMPacketVideo Corporation MPEG-4PacketVideo Corporation
                          PVW2Pegasus Wavelet 2000 CompressionPegasus Imaging
                          PVWVPegasus Imaging Wavelet 2000-
                          PXLTApple Pixlet (Wavelet)Apple
                          Q1.0Q-Team's QPEG (www.q-team.de)Q-Team Dr Knabe
                          Q1.1Q-Team's QPEG (www.q-team.de)Q-Team Dr Knabe
                          QDGXApple QuickDraw GXApple
                          QDRWAPPLE Quickdraw Palettized VideoApple
                          QPEGQPEG 1.1Q-Team Dr Knabe
                          QPEQQ-Team QPEG 1.1Q-Team Dr Knabe
                          R210BlackMagic YUV (Quick Time)-
                          R411Radius DV NTSC YUVRadius / Cinepak
                          R420Radius DV PAL YUVRadius / Cinepak
                          RASCLogMeIn Screen Codec LogMeIn, Inc
                          RAV_GroupTRON ReferenceAVI codec (dummy for MPEG compressor)-
                          RAVIGroupTRON ReferenceAVI codec (dummy for MPEG compressor)-
                          RAW Uncompressed RGB*No codec needed
                          RGB Uncompressed BGR32* No codec needed
                          RGB1Uncompressed RGB332 3:3:2-
                          RGBARaw RGB w/ Alpha* No codec needed
                          RGBOUncompressed RGB555 5:5:5-
                          RGBPUncompressed RGB565 5:6:5-
                          RGBQUncompressed RGB555X 5:5:5 BE-
                          RGBRUncompressed RGB565X 5:6:5 BE-
                          RGBTRaw RGB w/ Transparency* No codec needed
                          RIVASwizzled texture format.NVIDIA Corporation
                          RJPGffmeg NuppelVideo (RTjpeg2.0)ffmpeg
                          RL4 RLE 4bpp RGB-
                          RL8 RLE 8bpp RGB-
                          RLE Run Length Encoded* No codec needed
                          RLE4Same as BI_RLE4 (RLE 4bpp RGB)* No codec needed
                          RLE8Same as BI_RLE8 (RLE 8bpp RGB)* No codec needed
                          RLNDNot specified.Roland Corporation
                          RMP4REALmagic MPEG-4 (unauthorized XVID copy)http://www.sigmadesigns.com/
                          ROQVRoQ VideoGame Fileid Software
                          RPZAApple RoadPizzaApple
                          RT21Indeo 2.1Ligos / Indeo / Intel
                          RTV0NewTek VideoToaster (dummy format - only AVI header)-
                          RUD0Rududu video codechttp://rududu.ifrance.com/rududu/
                          RV10RealVideo 1.0RealNetworks
                          RV13RealVideo 1.0 variantRealNetworks
                          RV20RealVideo 2.0RealNetworks
                          RV30RealVideo 3.0RealNetworks
                          RV40RealVideo 4.0RealNetworks
                          RVX Intel RDXIntel Corporation
                          S263ITU H.263 video (3GPP)~ISOMP4
                          S422VideoCap C210Tekram International
                          SAMRNarrowband AMR voice~ISOMP4
                          SAN3MPEG-4 codec (direct copy of DivX 3.11a)-
                          SANMLucasArts Smush v2LucasArts
                          SAWBWideband AMR voice~ISOMP4
                          SAWPExtended AMR-WB (AMR-WB+)~ISOMP4
                          SCCDLuminositi SoftCam codec.Luminositi, Inc.
                          SDCCDigital Camera CodecSun Communications
                          SEDGSamsung MPEG-4 codec-
                          SEG4Cinepak for SegaSega
                          SEGACinepak for SegaSega
                          SEVCEVRC Voice (3GPP2)~ISOMP4
                          SFMCSurface Fitting MethodCrystalNet
                          SHR0BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)-
                          SHR1BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)-
                          SHR2BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)-
                          SHR3BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)-
                          SHR4BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)-
                          SHR5BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)-
                          SHR6BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)-
                          SHR7BitJazz SheerVideo (realtime lossless)-
                          SJPGCUseeMe Networks Codec-
                          SL25SoftLab-NSK DVCPRO-
                          SL50SoftLab-NSK DVCPRO50-
                          SLDVSoftLab-NSK Forward DV Draw codec-
                          SLIFSoftLab-NSK MPEG2 I-frames-
                          SLMJSoftLab-NSK Forward MJPEG-
                          SMC Apple GraphicsApple
                          SMK2FFmpeg Smacker Videoffmpeg
                          SMK4FFmpeg Smacker Videoffmpeg
                          SMP4Samsung CamcorderSamsung
                          SMSCProprietary codecRadius
                          SMSDProprietary codecRadius
                          SMSVWavelet VideoWorldConnect
                          SNOWFFSNOW (Michael's wavelet codec)ffmpeg
                          SP40SunPlus YUV-
                          SP44SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec-
                          SP53SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec-
                          SP54Sunplus Sp54 Codec for Mustek GSmart Mini 2Logitech
                          SP55SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec-
                          SP56SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec-
                          SP57SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec-
                          SP58SunPlus Aiptek MegaCam Codec-
                          SP61Sunplus Codec for Hama SightcamSunplus Technology
                          SPLCSplash Studios ACM Audio Codechttp://splashstudios.net/
                          SPRKSorenson Spark-
                          SQCP13K Voice (3GPP2)~ISOMP4
                          SQZ2VXTreme Video Codec V2Microsoft
                          SSMVSMV Voice (3GPP2)~ISOMP4
                          STVAST CMOS Imager Data (Bayer)ST Microelectronics
                          STVBST CMOS Imager Data (Nudged Bayer)ST Microelectronics
                          STVCST CMOS Imager Data (Bunched)ST Microelectronics
                          STVXST CMOS Imager Data (Extended CODEC  Format)ST Microelectronics
                          STVYST CMOS Imager Data (Extended CODEC  Format w/ Correction)ST Microelectronics
                          SV10Video R1Sorenson Media
                          SV3MSorenson SV3 module decoder.Sorenson Vision, Inc.
                          SVQ1Sorenson v1Sorenson Media
                          SVQ3Sorenson v3 (QT 5)Sorenson Media
                          SWC1MainConcept Motion JPEG-
                          T420Toshiba YUV 4:2:0Toshiba
                          TGA Apple TGA w/alphaApple
                          THEOTheora (free, reworked VP3)xiph.org/theora.org  (open source)
                          THRATheora (free, reworked VP3)xiph.org/theora.org (open source)
                          TIFFApple TIFF w/alphaApple
                          TIM2Pinnacle RAL DVI-
                          TLMSMotion Intraframe CodecTeraLogic
                          TLSTMotion Intraframe CodecTeraLogic
                          TM10TrueMotion 1.0Duck (now ON2) Corp
                          TM20TrueMotion 2.0Duck (now ON2) Corp
                          TM2ADuck TrueMotion Archiver 2.0Duck (now ON2) Corporation
                          TM2XDuck TrueMotion 2XDuck (now ON2) Corp
                          TMICMotion Intraframe CodecTeraLogic
                          TMOTTrueMotion SHorizons Technology
                          TR20TrueMotion RT 2.0Duck Corporation
                          TRLEAkula Alpha Pro Custom AVI (LossLess)-
                          TSCCTechSmith Screen Capture CodecTechsmith Corp.
                          TV10Tecomac Low-Bit Rate CodecTecomac, Inc.
                          TVJPTarga 2000 boardPinnacle / Avid
                          TVMJTarga 2000 boardPinnacle / Avid
                          TWOSUncompressed 16-bit audio*No codec needed
                          TY0NTecomac Low-Bit Rate Codechttp://www.tecomac.com
                          TY2CTrident Decompression DriverTrident Microsystems
                          TY2NTrident CodecTrident Microsystems
                          U263UB Video H.263/H.263+/H.263++ DecoderUB Video Inc.
                          U<Y Discreet UC YUV 4:2:2:4 10 bit-
                          U<YADiscreet UC YUV 4:2:2:4 10 bit (with Alpha-channel)-
                          ULTIUltimotionIBM Corporation
                          UMP4UB Video MPEG 4http://www.ubvideo.com
                          UYNVSame as UYVYNVIDIA Corporation
                          UYVPYCbCr 4:2:2 extended precisionEvans & Sutherland
                          UYVUSoftLab-NSK Forward YUV codec-
                          UYVYUYVY (packed 4:2:2)*No codec needed
                          V210Optibase VideoPump 10-bit 4:2:2 Component Y'CbCr-
                          V261Lucent VX2000SLucent
                          V42224-bit YUV 4:2:2Vitec Multimedia
                          V65516-bit YUV 4:2:2Vitec Multimedia
                          VBLEMarcFD VBLE Lossless Codec-
                          VCR1ATI Video Codec 1ATI Technologies
                          VCR2ATI Video Codec 2ATI Technologies
                          VCR3ATI VCR 3.0ATI Technologies
                          VCR4ATI VCR 4.0ATI Technologies
                          VCR5ATI VCR 5.0ATI Technologies
                          VCR6ATI VCR 6.0ATI Technologies
                          VCR7ATI VCR 7.0ATI Technologies
                          VCR8ATI VCR 8.0ATI Technologies
                          VCR9ATI VCR 9.0ATI Technologies
                          VCRDDirac Video CodecOpen Source
                          VCWVVideoCon wavelet.VideoCon
                          VDCTVideo Maker Pro DIBVitec Multimedia
                          VDSTVirtualDub remote frameclient ICM driver-
                          VDTZVideoTizer YUV CodecDarim Vision Co.
                          VGPXVGPixel CodecAlaris
                          VIDMDivX 5.0 Pro Supported Codec-
                          VIDSYUV 4:2:2 CCIR 601 for V422Vitec Multimedia
                          VIFPVFAPI Reader Codechttp://www.yks.ne.jp/~hori/
                          VIV1FFmpeg H263+ decoder?
                          VIV2Vivo H.263Vivo Software
                          VIVOVivo H.263Vivo Software
                          VIXLVideo XLMiro (now part of Pinnacle Systems)
                          VJPGA JPEG-based compression scheme for RGB bitmaps.Video Communication Systems
                          VLV1Videologic codecVideoLogic (now PURE Digital)
                          VMNCVMware CodecVMware
                          VP30On2 VP3On2 Technologies
                          VP31On2 VP3On2 Technologies
                          VP40On2 VP4On2 Technologies
                          VP50On2 VP5On2 Technologies
                          VP60On2 VP6 / FlashOn2 Technologies
                          VP61On2 VP6 / FlashOn2 Technologies
                          VP62On2 VP6 / FlashOn2 Technologies
                          VP6FFFmpeg VP6 / Flashffmpeg (open source)
                          VP70On2 VP7On2 Technologies
                          VP71On2 VP7On2 Technologies
                          VP72On2 VP7On2 Technologies
                          VQC1Vector-quantised codec 1 (high compression)http://eprints.ecs.soton.ac.uk/archive/00001310/01/VTC97-js.pdf
                          VQC2Vector-quantised codec 2 (research)http://eprints.ecs.soton.ac.uk/archive/00001310/01/VTC97-js.pdf
                          VQJPVQ630 dual-mode digital camera.ViewQuest Technologies Inc.
                          VQS4VQ110 digital video camera.ViewQuest Technologies Inc.
                          VR21BlackMagic YUV (Quick Time)-
                          VRBSFFmpeg Vorbis decoderffmpeg
                          VSSHVideosoft H.264 Codec 2Videosoft, http://www.videosoftinc.com/
                          VSSVVanguard Software Solutions Video Codec-
                          VSSWVanguard VSS H.264-
                          VTC1Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          VTC2Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          VTC3Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          VTC4Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          VTC5Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          VTC6Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          VTC7Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          VTC8Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          VTC9Not specified.NVIDIA Corporation
                          VTLPAlaris VideoGramPiX?
                          VX1KVX1000S Video CodecLucent
                          VX2KVX2000S Video CodecLucent
                          VXSPVX1000SP Video CodecLucent
                          VYU9ATI YUVATI Technologies
                          VYUYATI YUVATI Technologies
                          WAKEUnknown MJPG Variant-
                          WBVCW9960Winbond Electronics
                          WHAMMicrosoft Video 1Microsoft
                          WINXWinnov Software CompressionWinnov
                          WJPGWinbond JPEG?Winbond
                          WMV1WMP v7Microsoft
                          WMV2WMP v8Microsoft
                          WMV3WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main)Microsoft
                          WMVAWMP v10 (VC-1 Beta)Microsoft
                          WMVPWMP v9 ImageMicrosoft
                          WMVRWMV UnknownMicrosoft
                          WNIXWniWni Codec-
                          WNV1Winnov Hardware CompressionWinnov
                          WNVAWinnov hw compress-
                          WPY2Not specified.Winnov, Inc.
                          WRLEApple RLE BMPApple
                          WRPRVideoTools VideoServer Client (wrapper for AviSynth)-
                          WV1FWV1F (MPEG-4 variation)-
                          WVC1VC-1 Adv (WMP11)Microsoft
                          WVLTIllusionHope Wavelet 9/7-
                          WVP2Windows Media Video 9.1 Image v2Microsoft
                          WZCDiScan.CORE Co. Ltd.
                          WZDCiSnap.CORE Co. Ltd.
                          X264XiWave GNU GPL x264 MPEG-4 Codec-
                          XJPGXirlink JPEG-like compressor.Xirlink, Inc.
                          XLV0XL Video DecoderNetXL Inc.
                          XMPGXING MPEGXING Corporation
                          XVIDXviD ISO MPEG-4xvid.org (open source)
                          XVIXBased on XviD MPEG-4 codec-
                          XWV0XiWave Video Codec-
                          XWV1XiWave Video Codec-
                          XWV2XiWave Video Codec-
                          XWV3XiWave Video Codec (Xi-3 Video)-
                          XWV4XiWave Video Codec-
                          XWV5XiWave Video Codec-
                          XWV6XiWave Video Codec-
                          XWV7XiWave Video Codec-
                          XWV8XiWave Video Codec-
                          XWV9XiWave Video Codec-
                          XXANOSI Game CodecOrigin Systems
                          XYZPExtended PAL format XYZ palettehttp://www.riff.org
                          Y211YUV packed*No codec needed
                          Y216Pinnacle TARGA CineWave YUV (Quick Time)-
                          Y411Same as Y41P*No codec needed
                          Y41BYUV 4:1:1 PlanarWeitek
                          Y41PYUV 4:1:1 Packed*No codec needed
                          Y41TPC1 4:1:1 with transparencyBrooktree Corporation
                          Y422Copy of UYVY used in Pyro WebCam firewire cameraADS Technologies
                          Y42BYUV 4:2:2 PlanarWeitek USA
                          Y42TUYVY with pixel transparency supportBrooktree Corporation
                          Y444IYU2 (iRez Stealth Fire camera)-
                          Y8  Grayscale video* No codec needed
                          Y800Grayscale video* No codec needed
                          YC12YUV 12 codecIntel
                          YCCKUncompressed YCbCr video with key data.B.U.G., Inc.
                          YMPGYMPEG Alpha (dummy for MPEG-2 compressor)-
                          YU12ATI YV12 4:2:0 PlanarATI Technologies
                          YU92YUVIntel Corporation
                          YUNVSame as YUY2NVIDIA Corporation
                          YUV2Apple YUV 4:2:2Apple
                          YUV8MM_WINNOV_CAVIAR_YUV8Winnov, Inc.
                          YUV9YUV9Intel Corporation
                          YUVPExtended PAL format YUV palettehttp://www.riff.org
                          YUY2YUV packed 4:2:2*No codec needed
                          YUYPYCbCr 4:2:2 extended precision, 10 bits per component (Y0U0Y1V0).Evans & Sutherland
                          YUYVBI_YUYV, CanopusCanopus, Co., Ltd.
                          YV12IYUV w/ U & V switched*No codec needed
                          YV16Elecard YUV 4:2:2 Planar-
                          YV92Intel's Smart Video Recorder YVU9-
                          YVU9Planar YUV format*No codec needed
                          YVYUYUV packed 4:2:2*No codec needed
                          ZLIBavizlib (lossless, ZLIB/PNG)S&K LCL (Lossless Codec Library)
                          ZMBVZip Motion Blocks VideoKonstantin Shishkov
                          ZPEGVideo ZipperMetheus
                          ZPG1Not specified.VoDeo Solutions, Inc.
                          ZPG2Not specified.VoDeo Solutions, Inc.
                          ZPG3Not specified.VoDeo Solutions, Inc.
                          ZPG4Not specified.VoDeo Solutions, Inc.
                          ZYGOZyGo Video Codec-
                          • 10. Re: Premiere Pro crashing in the timeline
                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            No wonder you have problems, with all those codecs installed. I guess you may be in the number 1 position when it is about installed codecs. Around 90% is utterly useless on your system. I suggest you do some serious cleaning up and remove all codecs that are not needed. It will make your system faster and more stable.

                            • 11. Re: Premiere Pro crashing in the timeline
                              G7MAV Level 1


                              This is the computer where I work and it was setup before I came.

                              I'm pretty new to video editting and don't know which ones to keep.

                              Is there a site for recommended codecs?

                              Then I can delete the rest.



                              • 12. Re: Premiere Pro crashing in the timeline
                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                If it was setup by someone else, I suggest you deactivate the Adobe suite, format your boot disk and install Windows and Adobe fresh. That way you get rid of all this stuff easily. From your very long list, I wonder why Canopus, Matrox, Pinnacle, BM, FFMPEG, xVid, DivX, Avid and many others are installed in the first place. I suspect your system is heavily polluted and the only way to get it back into shape, get more speed and more stable operation is to start from scratch.