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    FormsCentral and PayPal integration


      We are a membership organization and I have started using FormsCentral and PayPal to collect membership fees.  This is my first week with FormCentral.


      I have successfully tested my FormsCentral transaction through PayPal and some of my members have had success.  However about half of the transactions are unsuccessful.  At the purchase screen my members get a spinning hour glass or spinning circle.  At this point the transaction stalls.


      How can I fix this problem?

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          Eman Fu Adobe Employee



          I am not what the "purchase screen" you mentioned refers to. Is it the PayPal screen after your member clicks "Proceed to Checkout" on the last page of the form, or it is the last page of the form containing the "Proceed to Checkout" button? If it is the PayPal screen, I am afraid it is a PayPal problem. It will be helpful if you can get a screenshot when the problem happens.


          Do you mind give me your PayPal account email you use to collect payments with FormsCentral forms? I can check our server logs to see if there is anything abnormal happened. If you have concern posting the email address in the forum, please send me an email.




          Eman Fu

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            Eman Fu Adobe Employee

            By the way, my email address is emanfu@adobe.com.