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    No ending issues to watch videos (youtube etc...)



      First of all, I am living in Belgium, I speak french, and have some problems espacially with youtube.

      The version of flashplayer does NOT change anything on the encountered problem! I'm on windows7 64bits and allways put latest version of all my sofwares.


      Since I begon to install last versions of FlashPlayer (my first one was 9.xx??? if I remember well) I get problems when I watch videos on youtube (or others websites like this).

      I mean, when I click to watch a clip/video, youtube seems to download just 45seconds of videos but NOT the entire video!!!

      Normally it (the datas downloading I presume?) follow the read time but never more than 45seconds. When I wanna watch a long movie, it "stuks" or I get problems, the videos stop sometimes... the time that it re-begin...

      Let's have a look on what I mean on the following pic (the grey line during the clip never goes further then few seconds)



      I tried to change the version of Flashplayer, go on the special parameters during the videos, I was on several internet topics, tried to remove the "cache", clean my temporary files... Nada, niet, nien, no solutions!


      In Belgium, our providers normally do not "inhib/moderate" the speed connection of internet (I have got optic fiber).


      What can I add? My plug-ins are ok, my version of Mozilla also...

      I'm LOST

      How can I get videos completely and quickly downloaded and not just get +/- 45 seconds "available" which are following the reading???? (It was NOT like this when I bought my computer)


      Thank you so much and forgive me for my english which is not my native language.