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    Pagemaker 7 launching separate process for each file I open


      I'm running Pagemaker 7.0 on Windows XP. When I double-click on a Pagemaker document in Windows, Pagemaker launches and opens the file, just as expected.


      However, if I then double-click on another file, a whole new instance of Pagemaker is launched to open that file.


      Thus, if I open three Pagemaker documents in this way, I end up with three instances of Pagemaker running.


      What used to happen, and what I want to have happen, is that the second and subsequent files would open within the first instance of Pagemaker, and I could switch between documents within that one instance.


      I can still use File --> Open in Pagemaker to open multiple files within a single Pagemaker instance.


      Does anyone know how I can tell Pagemaker, or perhaps Windows, not to launch a new instance of Pagemaker each time I double-click on a Pagemaker document in Windows?