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    HTML document

      Sorry, I am extremely new to actionscript. I have a little background in 2.0 but I am totally clueless about 3.0. All I want to do is make a button open a html document in the same window the .swf is in. I know that in 2.0 this would be: (or something like it)

      on (press) { geturl("blah.html")}

      I cannot figure it out in 3.0 though. First off, CS3 won't even let me put an action script in a button by selecting the symbol. That is how I used to do it in 8. Whenever I select the button it tells me action script can't be applied to that object. It will only let me put actionscript on the frame itself.

      Can anyone tell me what to do to get it to open an html document in the same window? I found the "navigateToURL ()" but I cannot figure out how to use the event dispatcher.

      Sorry for being so ignorant.