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    Bookmarks and links will not hold its destination

    Dorota Juska-Fairbanks

      Whenever  i am trying to set up links or bookmarks to specific destination with the zoom level at 100% and the desire destination is more towards the bottom of the page, the link or bookmark will take me to the page below. When I go to the Actions panel and edit "Go to page in this document" it's in fact showing next page below, so every time i have to change it to desire page number, but then i am loosing my zoom level: for example from selected 100% it will scale selected page to 55%. I have tried "Actual Size, Inherit Zoom, etc" but nothing seem to work. We are producing 100's of interactive pdf's and this problem has been a huge set back for us. For the most part it creates very user unfriendly pdf, and it's becoming very frustrating for me as a developer/creator of those pdf's. My documents properties are always set to Single Page Continuous and Zoom at 100%,  my Acrobat preferences have this same settings. Any help?