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    Please share experiences: FCP7 vs Pr CS6 on a MBP

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      I'm not new to Pr. I've been working with it on a MacPro 8-core.  Before I was using FCP7.  Pr is much faster, but much of that speed is because I have a CUDA card.


      I just got a job to work on site doing some cutting on an MacBookPro4,1.  Last two years, I used the same laptop, but was using FCP7.  Footage was DVCProHD / P2.


      I was hoping people who've done a significant amount of editing on a MBP with both FCP7 and Pr CS6 can give me their insight as to how the two compare on a laptop.


      I will be on a tight deadline, and can't afford to get tied up rendering or exporting.  FCP is a known entity.  Pr isn't, to me, on a job like this.


      Any relevant input will be appreciated.  Thank you.