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    Load an Existing .cfm form in Flash

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      I have an existing HTML/CMF web site. I’m in the process of re-creating the site in Flash (look at my work in progress: http://totalscript.com/newsite/ts.html). The new site will be an all Flash site.

      My exisiting HTML/CFM site has an online form entry application using ColdFusion. The ColdFusion pages displays information as well as accepts input data. I would like to keep these ColdFusion pages as is. Is there a way of loading these ColdFusion pages into a Flash movie, without opening another browser page (as in GetURL)?

      1) Within the new Flash site, a user clicks a button to login
      2) Staying within the Flash movie/site, the following page http://totalscript.com/signIn.cfm appears

      In other words:
      1) I would like to keep my existing ColdFusion pages to use within Flash
      2) Display these ColdFusion pages within my flash movie.
      3) Keep the ColdFusion functionality of displaying and entering data

      This forum has been very helpful in resoling many of my Flash issues. Thank you for all your help.