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    Is there a way I can hyperlink a SWF file in CS6?



      I am currently creating a Digital magazine for a School project.

      I am trying to hyperlink a SWF file to go to the table of contents.

      I thought I was doing it right but it is not working.


      Does anyone know why or if what I am trying to do is even possible?


      Thanks. I am only new to Indesign so im probably making a mistake.


      P.S- Also when I add more then one SWF file on a document and I click play on load only one plays.

      Anyone know why?




      Thank you.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          You can place it like an image.

          If you want to link it you can also use the insert HTML command and insert code which will not be used in exported PDFs but in exported ePub3, HTML and SWF files.

          Only one file will play at time, that is how it should work. Why you want several streams at once? No one will be happy to open those files.


          Personally I would recommend to avoid swf, a lot of recipients will not be able to see them in lack of an installed Flash player.