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    Adobe Flash Player Crashes


        I started playing Farm Ville on FaceBook around October of  2012 and it utilizes Adobe Flash Player to run. It was about a month or two when Adobe Flash Player started to crash on my computer. Well I thought it was my computer. In December of 2012, I went and bought a new computer for my wife and me to play Farm Ville on. Then just after about two weeks Adobe Flash Player started crashing again. Yet it only did it on my Farm. If I logged off and my wife logged in, she could play Farm Ville. Now I have had my computer worked on several times and Adobe Flash Player, keeps crashing. I have read on what to do such as uninstall it, re-install it, re-boot it, configure, and re-configure, etc... . I have used Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome. Adobe Flash Player just keeps crashing.  Besides giving up on a good game is there a different program I could use or is there a new program being designed to handle Farm Ville??

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          First, I'd try the steps outlined here:


          How do I clear my Flash Player cache and settings?


          I'd also make sure that you are using the latest video drivers available for your system.


          Windows: how do I update the device driver for my video/display adapter?


          Finally, if you crash on either Chrome or Firefox, please navigate to the following pages and copy/paste the page contents into a reply.


          Chrome: chrome://flash

          Firefox: about:crashes




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            rods3rs Level 1

            I checked the drivers like you said to even though my video driver is different that what you had listed. It said it was up to date, I even went to the website for driver and scanned through there checks and what not. Everything came out fine.

              I then went to control panel and found the Flash Player Management. I went and deleted all the data that was stored like you requested. My father was then able to log onto Farm Ville crashing yesterday. He did his farm for a couple of hours and then my mother logged him off and logged herself on. She played for a couple of hours then logged off. My father then came back to the computer after her and logged in and started Farm Ville. Guess what??? Farm Ville wouldn't load cause Adobe Flash Player crashed. I had to take him through the control panel and redo the Flash Player Data Delete. He then was able to play again. Same thing has been happening all day today when they would switch off and on to take care of their crops because certain ones come up at different times. My dad had to redo the Flash Player Data Delete. Is there something else that would be more efficient than having to redo that everything time he is logged off and then re-logs on after her?????


            Thank you for your help and any and all help that you can offer.....


            Ray Hendricks....

            Rod Hendricks....


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              pwillener Level 8

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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                I'm not sure what's going on, very strange that clearing the cache helps for a bit but after logging on again you run into problems.  The next thing I'd try is to reset your permissions:


                How do I fix Windows permission problems with Flash Player?


                If you still have problems, the final step would be to take a look at your crash logs as mentioned in my first post.