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    Problems with Media Downloader... help!


      SO I get this notice that Adobe is changing to Revel... I am told to move my pictures, which i try to do but everytime I try to open a picture saved on my computer i get Adobe Media Download and when i try to do what it tells me to do, nothing happens...


      HELP... I want all my pictures back. Can someone help me?

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          Can you tell me the steps you took and where it stopped?  Were you downloading and trying to install the media downloader  for archiving or were you migrating your files to Revel? Did you get any error messages?  What makes you think your pictures went missing? Are they gone from Photoshop.com or gone from Elements?


          Once we have a better idea what you were doing and what happened, we can give you more assistance.




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            barfly67 Level 1

            I received a note saying that Adobe Photoshop was moving its files and that I should store all my pictures to my hard drive, first I had to download the software....


            I went to do this by clicking on one of my pictures and "Adobe Media Downloader" came up and told me to select a desktop location... when I did this it said to "download"... when I did this it immediately said it was complete... BUT, nothing was there, BUT all my pictures now have a "blue background with a white arrow pointed down" on them, and every time I try to open a picture it takes me back to this "Adobe Media Downloader" screen, telling me to download the picture....


            I have most probably not done something right...


            I appreciate your help.



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              Pattie F Employee Moderator

              Try this two step process and see if it is successful:


              get the AIR runtime:



              After installing the AIR runtime, you should be able to launch the

              Downloader.air file to install it.


              Downloader .air file:

              http://static.photoshop.com/express-tools/organizer/downloader/Downloa der.air


              Then run the downloader and let me know what happens. If you get an error, jot it down and reply so we can figure out what is next.



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                Scott V Adobe Employee (Admin)


                I looked in our admin tool as I did not see any images in the Photoshop.com account. Can you log in to your Photoshop.com account and see if you do see the images or not? Also you can log into Adoberevel.com with your Adobe ID to see if your images have migrated to Revel. We would like to make sure that your issue is resolved and that you can use Revel as expected.